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  1. General Discussion
    For those who chain their dog which snap hooks do you use? I will have a pen also but will keep him on a chain sometimes. I know their are varying opinions on keeping dogs outside, on a chain, ect but to each their own. Everyone has different beliefs and styles so no need for folks to fight over...
  2. General Discussion
    Shes perfect around other dogs and shes perfect until you start to play rough with her all i do is just push her back and let your run towards me it gets her hyped up but sometimes she will snap at my face not in an aggressive sort of way she never gets real close bout 6 inches from my face how...
  3. General Discussion
    !!!!!But i did and pups are here now!!!!!
  4. Pictures
    Wow these guys had a really playful afternoon and mom just got snap happy with the camera I tend to do that call me a proud momma :) My kids are 6 months and growing and seem to all love eachother very much .... So here they go and not in order :roll:
1-5 of 7 Results