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  1. Pictures
    I thought I had shared these.... But here they are some nice pics of Justice and a couple of the others ;) Justice I gives you dirty looks from behind Muh Momma Snoop Thought you might like these Stan Xena Crixus Faith
  2. Pictures
    I haven't had anyone to video the dogs doing some training so today I got some! Lol.. So here is most of my crew doing a bit of wagon pulling. I use the wagon because it is squeaky and noisy, it is not much weight just more for the idea of having something behind them. Crixus and Xena both...
  3. Pictures
    By request heres some Snoop Dogg :D His Bulldog face lol
  4. Pictures
    Snoop trying out Bees harness till he gets his own. We could only get pictures at the beginning of our pull area since everywhere else is shaded lol. Winding down with the water hose :D Shaking off the excess water lol
  5. Pictures
    Looking pretty cute today! Sad face:(
  6. Pictures
    This hyperactive beast can not be tamed! :D Adults can't handle or restrain him! He pumbles kids! ......... 25 seconds after being let out of his crate :D
  7. Pictures
    Why do you have pits with kids I get asked....... ..................This is why..........
  8. Pictures
    Snoop Dogg! Bee! Faith! Dumae! Slim! My toy :D Francis!
  9. General Discussion
    Snoop has very high levels of energy and sadly has to much energy to play with my 5 year old. However he LOVES kids. Thinks they are the greatest things ever! Well we have ALOT of kids that live across the street and all the big kids are playing ball and it keeps going across the road and...
  10. Pictures
    Its snoops birthday yeahhhhh. Im so lucky to have gotten him he is a wonderful dog. Here are some pics of his rather crude b-day cake (ground beef, potato and steamed carrots) and him in his reindeer gear. Cake yes girlfriend got some too. after the cake Wheres the rest? Snoop in his...
  11. Pictures
    Im always talking about Girlfriend yelling at Snoop well I finally got it on video. Here you go
  12. General Discussion
    Most of you know I adopted Snoop from AP_13 about 2 weeks ago now. He went in for neuter today and came out just fine. Poor baby is on crate restriction for about a week. He has earned a highly honored spot in our home and I can honestly say will never leave us. And thanks to all of you for...
  13. General Discussion
    Well Snoopers found a great home today. I am so happy for they guy, hopefully this one will be permanent. Hes gets to go be an only dog runnin 3 acres with a great new human companion for love! Everyone wish him the best!!!!!!
  14. Pictures
    Ok screw photo bucket no pics here. I edited them on MY adobe photoshop, deleted the old pics off photobucket. And somehow photobucket is still showing the full pic size unchanged????I don't even see how thats possible!
  15. Pictures
    Snoop went home today! Snoopers AKA Megatron went home to day. The cats allow Slim to eat out of her own bowl with them lol.. Now that we are done. The dog may eat her food. lol. So now my puppy are depleting :( only 3 still at home. Who else will stay with Bumble Bee lol, Momma or...
  16. Health & Nutrition
    snoop has been throwin up for 3 days now and just today he has thrown up 7 times. he wont eat his food and he wont even eat people food (i tried to get him to eat some cheese he throw it up not 5 minutes after he swallowed it). hes been very mopie and eating a lot of grass... called the vet and...
  17. Pictures
    snoop and the bike karma and the bike she looks scary...lol it feels like shes lookin right through you protecting the family goods lol look at that twinkle ahh attack of the karma lol
  18. General Discussion
    hope they work lol tell me what u think
1-18 of 20 Results