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  1. Pictures
    So I live in Louisiana and snow hardly ever happens here. My FatMan loves snow. Every time it happens he wants to be in it all day. I managed to snag a beautiful shot of him today and I just want to show it off. Later in the day he yanked his head out of his collar and made a run for it when...
  2. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Hi Guys, So am in Ohio visiting Family and as you probably already know the weather here isn't usually the best. We were sitting here expecting it to snow only for us to wake up and find that it rained last month. I love snow and I can't wait to go back home as I hear it's snowing already over...
  3. Pictures
    Sorry for not being active my laptop broke and i was saving up for a new one, now that i have it i can post updates of my dogs :) Now i didn't get any Cali pics but i will.. Bear my old man Shiloh
  4. Pictures
    Some update pictures . . . . .
  5. Pictures
    There's a back yard in there somewhere.......
  6. Pictures
    First real snow fall for her. She's 5 months now and had a blast.
  7. Pictures
    Well not really in the snow, it just started to snow lol but its the first time he has seen it since he was a baby last year when we got him at 8 weeks so its brand new to him
  8. Pit Bull Legal News
    Read more about the Flash A Friend With Our Fruitables Snow Day Contest at PetGuide.com.
  9. Pictures
    We got snow Sunday decided to take pics of Soldier.....
  10. Pictures
    I hate winter but it makes for some good pics, the pups LOVE it .. they come in shivering and freezing but yet I still have to drag them all back inside. snookie has issues just killled the kids soccer ball, but aren't I cute ? lol
  11. Pictures
    LOL Creeper aka Crush gets a lil OCD over some things, I don't think he understood my hand was in that glove . He was a little more rough taking things from me lol but he killed the snow balls.
  12. Pictures
    I took a few pics of Blackie in the snow .. few action pics. . . .... .
  13. Pictures
    So we got 8 -12 inches of snow in Va took a few pics of soldier in the snow.....
  14. Pictures
    i got more pictures a few days ago, we got a lot more snow since i last posted of cali playing in it. I also let her play with the jolly ball for some nice shots. i did get 2 shots of bear, he was a baby lol and wanted inside.
  15. Pictures
    My little Lady loves playing in the snow!!! Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  16. Pictures
    ABKC CH Shox said he ain't about that snow life..... Then it melted.... y'all see that rear And can y'all find Kangol? Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  17. Pictures
    Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  18. Pictures
    My baby Gem turned 6 months old today! We also woke up to see it had snowed a couple inches, Gem loved playing in the snow for the first time. I didn't get very many pictures because they would not quit running full speed through the snow so all they were was a blur lol...
1-18 of 147 Results