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    These are my girls and they are both 4 months and behave amazingly! Both of my girls are super smart and I wouldn't trade them for the world!! Pepper (light color) is my girl and Socks (dark) claims the husband, but they love and care for all 4 kids as well.
  2. Pictures
    In 2 days my little girl will be 5 months old! 7 weeks 8 weeks 10 weeks 13 weeks 2 weeks ago Today She's growing up so fast,before I know it she's gonna be full grown :D
  3. Pictures
    My brother took this photo about a week after I got her,it was her third or fourth day of training :)
  4. Pictures
    Socks,me,and my brother went to the park today to a truck meeting.Socks is already gonna be 4 months old,trying to make the best out of her puppy stage before she grows up :)
  5. Pictures
    I took it after I woke up to her on my chest :):D
  6. Pictures
    Today she thought she was a lion lol :)
  7. Pictures
    Well today I went out and bought a razors edge American bully :) My cuz with socks :) Her dad :) with I was impressed with bunch of power and stamina and prey drive he was nice for me hope it's ok to own a apbt and a bully :( lol Sent from my iPad using PG Free
  8. Pictures
    Yep, here is my 8 1/2 month old babe!! The cut below her eye is from a nail. She decided she wanted to chew up alot of siding on the house and got a nail almost in her eye!! These pictures were from a week ago so it is healing pretty good. Also the t-shirt and socks are because she was cold...
1-10 of 11 Results