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  1. Pictures
    They did this over and over for about an hour lol. There best friends I swear!
  2. General Discussion
    Hey, i have a father who is 7 years old and a son pitbull who is about 16 months old. For about 11-12 months both of these dogs were perfect together no matter if i left them alone or not etc. Both dogs are uneuntered and honestly not planning to have either neutered. Now basically the little...
  3. Pictures
    I want to introduce everybody to my son's Osiris (Red) and Horus (Brindle). They are brothers and 8 months old. I love my boys they keep me going.
  4. Pictures
    a couple of pics of my blue named junior he is a lil on the chubby side right now...but we starting on his workout routine and walks daily again.... and a pic of my son alex with my dog junior...
  5. General Discussion
    4 weeks old 7 weeks old
  6. General Discussion
    Hello everyone. We're still adjusting to having shadow around. He's a very sweet dog, wants/gives lots of affection. He's 5 months so TONS of energy. Advice please- when in the yard he will target my son (almost 4) , knock him down and try to grab shoes/pant leg. His tail is wagging but it...
  7. Obedience Training
    Can anyone shed some light on this dilemma. My pup has taken to the belief that my son is his play toy. My son who has been told constantly to leave our pup alone gets him rowled up ... they play great together but then our pup gets rough and the mouthing leads to more than gentle bites. So much...
  8. Pictures
    They're both 19 months old(brother and sister). Mine is the dark dark brown one. The other dog is my girlfriend's dog. :)
  9. Pictures
    just a couple of pics of my two babies
  10. Pictures
    Bogart loves his toys! Today my son and I took the dogs to play they had a good time here a just a few quick shots.
  11. General Discussion
    I have a 18 month old who is in love with our dog. Unfortunately when I came home with him I was constantly telling my dog Ash to get out of his face and not lick him and whatnot when he was a newborn and now that my son is big enough that he wants to play with his "puppy", his puppy acts too...
  12. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I dont know how i raised such an amazing younge man. He is everything a parent could ever want in a child. I am truely blessed that is for sure. Last night he took his red belt test in Tae Kwon Do and yes he past it. He stumbled alittle but he got it. He has one more belt the red trim and then...
  13. Pictures
    Whats good people I have been here for well lets just say since the begining lol.I dont post alot because of a couple reasons but the main one is time.But for those of you who like the Bully Breed i would like to share a couple pics of a couple dogs here on my yard.This is Tyco and Vlad a Father...
1-13 of 46 Results