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    So how old is everyone and where are they from?! I'm 19. And I'm from OH. Sent from Petguide.com Free App
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    OMG, i have tried so hard to control myself but OMG! Can I tell you what I found is the most awesome flavor ice cream? Peanut Butter Panic (Blue Bunny)! SOOOOO GOOD!!But my hubby and I are big Reeses cup fans too so that was just a flavor made in heaven with us in mind! We can't have it...
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    Well my vans engine blew up a last month so I hired someone to take care of the birds on the ranch... I go in on Fridays to check the babies and Mondays to clean Bantis house... Then got pulled into the last few weekends becasue the weekend girl had a family member die and is out of state. I...
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    I have had to keep reminding myself to not call the babies, "babies" anymore... it's been hard for me to think of them as actual dogs until last night. Probably from day one, I saw that Peggy(Pig) was going to be "a lot of dog" for most people to handle... over the last 5 months I've noticed peg...
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    I GOT ALL MY STARS!!!! not quite a ninja yet but i'm workin on it ;) i just wanna thank everyone who made this possible. i couldn't have done it without you! (i'm a nerd, i know) :D
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    She loves her basketball!!
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    yuppers me and my kennel partner are such suckers :hammer: we are renting a time share /resort on the cape in june.Shes not bringing anyone and iam not either :flush: so who wants to go with 2 girls? 1 married 1 not.
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    so, me and my bf were taking some picz of the girls with our canon and they were just a blur.... (well this one isnt blury but just wait....) that hot mess is kenya chasin the flirt pole... so he decided to do somethin crazy... he splurged and got a new Nikon D90 Camera... picz are sooooo...
1-10 of 13 Results