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  1. Health & Nutrition
    I changed feeds I wanted to try a new food nothing wrong with EVO red meats but I saw this feed it's slightly less protein @ 34% instead of 42% and it's salmon based and still grain free. It's rated a six star feed and it's about 5.00 less but I am also getting 24.lbs vs 28lbs. Anyway I am...
  2. General Discussion
    alright so I have been home by myself all weekend, the b/f went to the coast to go fishing, anywayz, I was sitting here eating some lunch and I had to go potty, so I left my bowl of food and a piece of bread on the coffee table and went to the bathrrom, I come back and it's still there, I was...
  3. Pictures
    ok so I think most of yu know that I have been trying to get weight off of Penny for about 4 months now, lol. I started her green bean diet about that time. Well today we weighed in and GUESS WHAT????!!!!!! She weighed in at 75.5lbs. I did a total HAPPY dance. This is the least she has...
1-4 of 5 Results