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  1. Pictures
    This makes me really sad to look at. You can see the white in his face now more then ever......he wasn't this white a few weeks ago. I guess it just shows how much he's changed over the last year, he's starting to slow down a lot and he's just acting well older. I love my baby boy, this dog is...
  2. General Discussion
    did any one notice the pit in the train video soul sister? @1:47 good looking pup to. i know im bored
  3. General Discussion
    I hope you guy's remember me. Im the guy from Puerto Rico....I have a black pit, named Mala. Well guy's here's some pics of Mala, so you could see her now. But I have a question... All i need to know is...like i said, Mala is a pretty small (a tiny bit smaller then a normal sized pit), and well...
  4. Health & Nutrition
    So I know it probably ain't a 6 star dog food but I was wondering if anyone has had any experience using this dog food and what it good? bad? okay? Until we get into a house I can't afford a 6 star dog food. The chicken soup was kinda pricy for even me but I just want to know if it is a good...
  5. Health & Nutrition
    i was wondering if ay frourm readed have had any exp. with this food and how you would rate it.. thank you
1-5 of 7 Results