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  1. Life&Times of Uncle Will
    I just watched A movie,it's A cult movie,yet it makes me cry.the main attraction in it is A lonely feller,he don't know love,what it is,what it means, and it takes him forever to know what life really is. as A kid, born with A deformity and ostracized.as A young adult,made fun of and still...
  2. General Discussion
    Who let the dogs out! at One True Media - share slideshows, slide shows, MySpace slideshows, MySpace codes, free video sharing, video montages.
  3. General Discussion
    does it ever seem like people make huge deals out of something a pit does but its almost acceptable for another dog to do the same thing? ok well Onyx rarely barks well the other day on a walk there was a basset hound it started barking onyx has never barked back at a dog before either but...
1-3 of 7 Results