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  1. Ear crops
    Does anyone know a good reasonably priced vet with aftercare to crop my 10 week old pit bull puppy? I live in Southern California in the Inland Empire.
  2. Pictures
    Here a few pics of a young pup off of Wrath x Rage. He is 8 months and coming along nicely. Already catching well, just needs more experience.
  3. Pictures
    A few pics of the female I kept off of Wrath x Rage.
  4. Pictures
    None of these pups are available, just sharing ;) These are the females from the Wrath x Rage breeding. They 8 weeks old now and a lot of fun!
  5. Products / Services
    Southern Cross Cut Gear and Hog Hunting Supply is under new management and has a new home here in GA! Southern Cross Cut Gear
  6. General Discussion
    Anyone have their dogs ears cropped by Southern Pride Pits in Georgia?
  7. Obedience Training
    Can anyone recommend a reputable trainer in the Southern Maryland area?
  8. General Discussion
    OK this has been a long time coming--- 3 years to be exact--- but the pilot for my Bossmandude's TV show on Animal Planet airs this Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 11pm EST on Animal Planet. Please tune in and show support for Bully the Kid this Saturday! It airs after Pit Bulls and Parolees...
  9. General Discussion
    does anyone know of a reputable place around south western ohio to get ears cropped? im willing to travel a little but nothing over maybe 1.5hours. any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. General Discussion
    Does anyone know these kennels, have dogs from there??
  11. Pictures
    Check out my buddy Cory hog snatchin down in Big Cypress with Southern Inferno's Marcel from the Nat. Geo Wild show "Swampmen". Marcel is the red catch dog with the camera on his back.
  12. Events, Results & Photos
    anyone know of any shows comin up in the southern cali area....? anyone form southern cali in here...?
  13. Misc. Dog Activities
    I read some places that said they're used as dog fighting paraphernalia and some counties dont allow it. Does anyone know if they're illegal in Los Angeles?
  14. General Discussion
    In my OB class we had a 14 month Old Southern Bulldog start in class today. I have heard of them but never seen one before. When I googled the breed I keep getting what looks like American bulldogs that come up but say they are Old Southern bulldogs. This dudes dog is red and looks like a mix of...
  15. Bloodline Discussion
    SOUTHERN KENNELS' GR. CH. MAYDAY ROM Mayday and his siblings were all impressive and well built but Mayday always stood out. He was BIG, CONFIRMED, and fearless, He walked out of the van as a puppy after the long drive, barked, and marked my kennel as HIS territory right when he hit the ground...
1-16 of 40 Results