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  1. Pictures
    He's got many other names, but we took him out today to get him some fresh air, and a good walk, and took some pix of him.... so here he is.
  2. Bloodline Discussion
    Hey, I was wondering if anyone has this blood and if they like it. I have a four yr old dog that is a son of Jethro. Awesome dog , he is off leash trained, completely socialized, and fixed,that being said he can't be trusted around strange dogs at all but he will ignore them if we are out in a...
  3. Pictures
    Some pics of Bullet and Sparky, our new kitten. They get along so well, surprisingly. Here's some cute pics of them... This one's my favorite-- Attacking Bullet's tail Cuddling on the giant beanbag chair Sparky always follows him into his kennel to snuggle Sitting on his perch...
1-3 of 3 Results