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    I fear this is an irritating question to those who just want the APBT in particular to be respected for who he is, and cared for responsibly. But I'm still learning who he is, and I'm interested in your opinion, even if you're irritated by the question. :) For those who do not want the sport of...
  2. Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio
    For those not familiar with Ara and Spirit take a look at this thread. Its am amazing story! I hope you can join us for this show! http://www.gopitbull.com/road/1010-road.html Drayton Michaels - Dog Training and Ara Gureghian & Spirit Drayton Michaels- Dog Training and Ara Gureghian &...
  3. Pictures
    And then a few more just for fun What a beautiful boy! "Give me that TREAT!" "This isn't what I ment lady!"
  4. Pictures
    Got it in today, enjoy I'd love some outdoor pics but with the snow and it being 25 degrees outside she gets cold and starts shaking too much after 5 minutes...:
1-4 of 4 Results