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  1. General Discussion
    As some of you know Spock has been at Lisas in NM since the end of November. She was going to work him and get somethings she wanted done with him, that would take me much longer to try to achieve. Well he didn't care to much for the change and has been driving Lisa insane! He will be home in 9...
  2. Pictures
    For those who don't yet know, Spock went back to NM with Lisa for a couple months. So in exchange I got Barca! He's gonna chill with me for a bit :D Barca not wanting to get out of bed. Barca curled up in the dog chair. I had to move it next to me cause he likes to stay close. Spock in the...
  3. Pictures
    My lil man has turned into a dog over the last couple months! Fish (Aimee-Older) and Noodle (Sherlene) with their girls. Crixus Xena- I could kill this dog. The other day when Jaws horse let her down I could feel her anger as I have had it happen. Crixus' and Xena's first ADBA show they...
  4. Pictures
    I post a lot of stacked shots and stuff, but not to many of what they are normally up to lol They use to have a huge chair and do not understand laying on the floor lmao. This is a new concept to them and while Xena tried out an office chair for a bit she finally settled for the floor. Their...
  5. Pictures
    Ummmm this is where Holly needs to post pictures of bobble head!! I didn't see his pictures up here so I thought I would give you a hard time ;) He is so pretty in those last pictures you took they deserve to be on the forum :woof:
  6. Pictures
    I will get the rest of the crew when we have a sunny day again ;) Dumae Xena Scorch Spock Loose on 1/2 an acre and hes staring at me LOL Jerry Lee Francis--Lunging which is why she looks part bulldog lol
  7. Pictures
    So this past weekend Krystal (KG420) and I headed to LA to hang with Doug (ElvisFink), and Lisa (PK). I picked up Spock ( Monsoon X Siren) and Bailey! Spock is a WP dog for my Husband and Bailey has come just to retire and babysit. She already took to the kids and had more interest in them...
1-7 of 7 Results