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    It is so awesome! Sent from Petguide.com Free App
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    Has n e one gave there pits this kinda food... My cousin has tons of these 50lbs bags of food... He breeds pitbulls mostly Gotti line pits.. And gave me a bag.. Ive had my blue nose pit for about 2 wks know and have been feeding him this and i can see a difference...Hes getting very built and...
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    Regards from Poland :) My Bad Boy ;)
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    Who was or knows those nice websites or links to watch APBTs performing sports? Let’s see them Post them Please
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    What do you all think or know about GB dogs in pulling events or other events as such?
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    Yup, they came today!!! I am very happy. only complaint I have is they need a coat of clear nail polish to avoid chipping the alum and color. other then that they were worth getting and waiting for<3 sorry,pic phone and crappy lighting= bad images Riley's purple bone with angry blue font<3...
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    just got roxies stillwater collar the other day. she loves it, looks great on her. think i may order the orange show collar too for her. warning i went picture happy can i help you
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    The only thing this dog loves more is her collar... she knows she's going out :D
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    Capone sporting his new collar from Santa!
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    i thought i would try to get some good conversation going by bringing up this subject. does anyone see a differnce between a sporting dog and working dog? do you think there is a differnce and if so what. i know we have quite a bit of WP people here, a few schutzhund and agility people and some...
1-10 of 13 Results