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  1. General Discussion
    What's the best tick yard spray to use? I've been looking at the adams yard spray but i want something that is really effective. Any suggestions?
  2. General Discussion
    My neighbors have a lot of dogs and is populated with ticks and now their ticks are climbing my 6ft wall towards my dog. WHATS A GOOD OUTDOOR SPRAY IN ORDER TO KEEP MY NEIGHBORS TICKS FROM COMING TO MY YARD. Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  3. Obedience Training
    ok so i have my puppy hachet.. hes already potty trained and rarelyhas a accident in the house anymore, but he still chews on the couch when im not thier.. what is the best chew spray to use or what worked the best? any info or input will be aprecieated thanks.
  4. Health & Nutrition
    Anyone else see these commercials of pet owners spraying some stuff in a dog and cats mouth to fight plaque and gum disease? Says its all natural to. What do you all think about it? Just curious.....think it works or just a scam. www.getplaqueattack.com
  5. General Discussion
    I just got some pepper spray to carry with me when I go on walks with or without Bella. We just had a random stabbing here on a jogger for no reason but pure thrill for the punks who did it. They believe it was a local gang. Anyways, I also have bought some citronella type stuff I picked up at...
  6. Pictures
    So, some of you know I've been having trouble with Sasha on my mothers expensive couches when we aren't home. Never when we are home. It is difficult because how do I teach her if she won't replicate the behaviour around us. I tried the sprays and it didn't work, yesterday we got in, the couch...
  7. General Discussion
    Hi All, 2 years ago I adopted a 10 month old yellow lab/pit bull mix from a rescue. She is the sweetest, most playful dog in the world but is still very jumpy at age 3. She will not jump on me but will jump on guests. I have tried many training techniques including turning, ignoring...
  8. Health & Nutrition
    Hey all, Just wondering what is the best flea/tick lawn spray that I can use? I think I may have ticks in my yard, as I found on one of my pups today, so I just want to get it taken care of. So, list away! Preferably something that is found easily in any main commercial store like petsmart...
  9. Health & Nutrition
    hey all, saw a couple fleas on angel, and since i just moved to my grandparents house, i definately cannot have this problem here. i wiped angel and bam with a flea wipe ( id never heard of this either- it was at my moms house in her dog medic box) and i borrowed her hartz ultragaurd plus...
  10. General Discussion
    I don't trust humans OR animals in my area. my block, and a couple blocks around me are a nice neighborhood. beyond that, isn't good. and the people from those places walk through my neighborhood ALOT. I am small, 5'2 and 100 pounds. I really just don't feel comfortable walking my dogs alone in...
  11. General Discussion
    i bought this spray that helps your puppy to poop or pee where ever you want them. i guess it has a certain scent that makes dogs want to go in a certain spot. well i sprayed this stuff outside on my grass where i want her to poop. and it works! BUT, there are also mushrooms growing there?! i...
  12. Health & Nutrition
    I heard these are good for the immune system ( the powder) and for skin infections (the spray). ??? Community comments/thoughts are :welcome: .
  13. General Discussion
    I have a 4 month old pitt who is getting really big. The problem is he always bits your hand, arm when you sit down on the couch. He also does it sometimes when you try to pet him. I know its a play bite but still I want him to stop doing it. I tell him no in a firm voice, and stare at him...
1-13 of 13 Results