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  1. Pictures
    Hey guys, I just got a new phone, the note 4 and it has a slow motion camera mode so i wanted to try it out... and of course bruno is my test lol hope you guys enjoy http://vid1364.photobucket.com/albums/r736/Jboyle532/20141108_102636_001_zpsfjtcil9q.mp4...
  2. Pictures
    So Banshee is a nut on the spring pole and I had my best friend over so I had a chance to get some good pics of her in action. :thumbsup: How bout some air? Odin is not impressed lol
  3. Conditioning
    My 5 year old boy on the spring pole. him doing some chain work
  4. Pictures
    The weather has been so nice today, I snapped some of my boy having a blast on his springpole: We put the rope away but he wasn't having it: Ist attempt: 2nd - got it!: The end, thanks for looking :)
  5. Pictures
    Ok so I made a springpole for indica i took 3 industrial bungee cords, bent the clip parts in, then used clips and wove them all together like a rope duck tape incase the dog accidentally bites the metal any ideas to make it better? with a 5 foot chain to hang this from, it came to under 20$
  6. Pictures
    Finally got around to recording Dre Dogg on it
  7. Pictures
    Diesel Daisy had one of Dre but i accidentally deleted it .. :( .. i'll get another later
  8. Pictures
    Hey guys!! I know I've been picture crazy lately LOL!! But I just can't get enough of my kids :) This girl loves the spring pole, love me some athletic dogs :) Hope you guys enjoy!!! Sorry for the picture overload!!!
  9. Pictures
    Charlie makes embarrassing noises when he is working the hide. Thought I should share, poor guy sounds like he hasn't hit puberty yet.
  10. Pictures
    new vid from earlier as you can see i keep the rope low.. he just like to jump and hang..
  11. Pictures
    She sort of works the springpole lol she just cant quite get a good grip on the hide yet (which is good she is only 11 weeks old). Anyways here is the video because LadyRampage requested it.
  12. Pictures
    Been working on his conditioning still he is now sitting around 85 pounds from 96 and were trying to shave off a few more pounds.Enjoy!
  13. Pictures
    Post em up ill start it off this is a video of my dog Charlie at 11 years old on his springpole in the back yard!!!!!!! [CENTER]
  14. General Discussion
    I built a really nice springpole set up for my dog Jolene. She started tugging away at it until she let go and heard the spring snap. The sound turned her off it, I think. I really thought she would love it seeing how much she loves her flirt pole. I wasnt going for "hang time" or anything. I...
  15. General Discussion
    I just had an engineer design the perfect spring pole for my conditioning program. Over the weekend I spoke with several reliable APBT sources who have years in the game and I was told that the spring pole can cause nerve damage to teeth and it can actually cause dogs to lose teeth. They did...
  16. Pictures
    Onyx is just out of his 60 day keep. I really wouldnt define it as a keep, more like obsrevstion period for feed workout and recovery times and patterns. I plan to use the info for a data log for future keeps Started his 60 days 31.6lbs ended at 35.4lbs. Onyx is closing in on 14mos High drive...
  17. Pictures
    I really enjoyed today's dog working session. first we walk to our "tree" then work the springpole and walk back. this take about an hour each dog. gives a great chance to "warm up" work out and then "cool down" :) oh and also drink water if they need to. anyways, here is the pictures of the...
  18. Conditioning
    Introduced Jack to the infamous springpole, or in my case bungee pole. Just used old bungee cords I had and his tug toy, love this because it's totally portable. I also found an alternate function as a tug toy which is great if you get tired playing with this seemingly infinite energy breed...
  19. Pictures
    Hey everyone, it's been quite a while since I posted new pics of my boy Whitman. A few of you might remember when I first joined and said I rescued him when he was a young 8 weeks old. Well my boy has grown up (SO FAST!!) and will be 10 months on february 1st. So here are a few recent pics to...
1-20 of 87 Results