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  1. Pictures
    [/URL][/IMG] old one of him standing similar [/URL][/IMG] thoughts/opinions/comments? (IMO he is the best dog in the world and the closest thing to a child I will have so take it easy lol)
  2. Conditioning
    How can i get him to start stacking? is it something they do on there own, or do i need to train them? which side is there good side?
  3. General Discussion
    Kandi's sire was attacked by strays last night on his nightly outside potty trip... He didn't fight back, and is now no longer here. It breaks my heart. He was his owners baby's guardian... And now he is gone... It hurts me so much, because he was put into a battle he didn't want to be in and...
  4. Pictures
    this about as close to a free stack as he s gonna do lol show em
  5. Pictures
    Here some pics of my trying to get Boudreaux to stack...one man, one dog, one camera...not a whole lot of success! Oh well, we had fun as always...As always any comment is appreciated! Me: Come on Boudreaux, Stack! Boudreaux: Do what? Me: Come on! Stack! Boudreaux: Stack? Me...
  6. Bullies 101
    Thanks to Idalis Lewis for putting this post together... 1. I didn't write this and I for got what site I copied it from ... I just replaced and added pictures of bullies so you get the point. Teach your dog to "stack" or stand squarely and still. Some breeds are free stacked, with the...
  7. General Discussion
    It hurts me very bad to have to inform you guys that Stack will be PTS tomorrow morning..... About a year ago Stack had to have a couple masses removed from his back leg. 2 months ago they started to come back 4x as worse and one very large under his tail.. The masses have spread, are growing...
  8. Pictures
    Got a couple pictures of Stack this morning on our AM walk. This one I fancied up :D *SNICKER* Then grabbed some of Xener Neaner playing in the living room. I see my toys on U desk. Faith giving dirty looks. Her and Bee are in heat and not allowed in the livingroom right now. I am...
  9. Pictures
    Since I have pretty current pics of everyone I thought I would do a litter thread! Ended up with more pet quality dogs then I was hoping for, but Bee was worth it. :D I should have put more thought into using Stack for stud, but I got impatient. They have been great dogs non the less. Sire...
  10. Misc. Dog Activities
    Yep, i am not to good with stacking dogs. this is actually my first time getting into the show and compatition section of dog owning and thought..HEY, why not practice on Riley before I get my male in a few months. So here I am posting a question on Stacking. 1. How do you stack properly and...
  11. General Discussion
    I was looking over the Diane Jessup site and found this to be very interesting. I was wondering if any one has looked over their dogs with this type of measuring and if it is true. You have to go thru each step lol.. http://workingpitbull.com/soundness.htm
  12. Pictures
    Alrighty. Got my net all done and am happily back online. I have some good pics of Stack and Mae and cute little francis . Mae.. Finally some actual pictures of my girl. Stack Mae chews on Francis Francis chews on Mae Francis's mean face lol... Just Francis:love: We are...
  13. General Discussion
    I am going to have to rehome Stack and Mae. I just got home from "dealing" with them. Stack tore out of his crate and went after Mae in hers. I got a call about the noise and rushed over to find their faces all messed up from a fight. Mae was still in her crate where Stack had messed up the...
  14. General Discussion
    Well here you go sw df27. Some cute pics of Stack. Some of these you may have seen before. BEGGER STACK AND KAMAKAZI STACK'S SAD FACE THE TANK PIC LOL
1-16 of 16 Results