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  1. Pictures
    Still a young young pup. Comes from DSA champ Netherlands Quinlent line on the top side and Yankeestaff on the bottom.
  2. General Discussion
    Hi. Just would like some ideas on my new pet. Now 18 weeks old . Have been told she is a pitbull by professionals. I am sure she is a purebred blue nose pitbull. Your thoughts will be appreciated.
  3. Pictures
    Hello people, I have a staffy who is now 5 and have always wondered if she has any pit bull in her? Would like to know if any of you can tell by these pictures?
  4. General Discussion
    It's weird to think about this when it's 101* out and my thermostat is broken, but..... Winter will be here and Bizmark will need a jacket or sweat shirt or something to stay warm. Does anybody have brand recommendations? Nothing in the pet store fits him well at all. (Maggie has enough...
  5. Pictures
    I was snapping pictures today and this one really caught my attention. He looks like an over gown staffy here LOL
  6. General Discussion
    Hi I am new to this forum and new to staffy's I adopted a male last july and he has been a great dog for me. I recently found another for adoption and concidering adopting her. I just read this stickie and has a lot of good points witch i have concidered... what one does the other might do...
  7. General Discussion
    Well everyone we are pretty sure that our EBT will be going back to the breeder :( we find out for sure next week. Anyway, while I prefer game bred APBTs (and I am soooooo excited about the upcoming tristate show!!!!) my husband is wanting to also get a bully (classic or standard) or a Staffy...
  8. Pictures
    Here's a Max from last week ... he's just 2 now :D
  9. Pictures
    Two cgc dogs doing what they love best :) playing around acting like Goofballs lol The only one missing is ruby :( peanut is a manic and wanted to go after Onyx so he is in permanent time out lol
  10. Pictures
    Onyx is just over 1yr and just broke 34lbs. He was chasing a few rabbits out of the yard with Ruby. He has some mud on his muzzle so does Ruby. Over the last week Onyx has started "popping". Waist is tucking and everything else is growing
  11. Pictures
    I had to post Jimmy's Staffy I love that dog wow :roll::love:
  12. Pictures
    well my boy turned 9mos this past week. did some training and tug work with my daughter taking pics with the cam my other daughters use for a football. thankfully we are getting a new cam after xmas. weighed him today and he has lost .5lbs si he is now burning off his fat supplies. i will...
  13. Pictures
    ok so after a 6mo bout of demodex finally defeated. its about time. he has been finally catching on the whole springpole thing. at the same time he has been grabbing wp trot and getting use to the harness like a pocket pit to hard work. here is some picks of before during and after a...
  14. Pictures
    onyx is closing in on his 6mo bday. i have to check his papers for the exact date. i am pretty sure it is then middle part of september thats why i say 5.5mos. in the pics i am figuring he is right around 25 to 27lbs. i took him his vet 3 weeks ago and he weighed 24.9lbs. it is really tough...
  15. Pictures
    here are some pics of Onyx about 10 days prior to his 4mo mark. i went to my vet and weighed him in just over 17lbs and 11.5 to his shoulders. since his 4mo bday he has had a little bit of loos stool. luckily he has a vet appt tomorrow so i might as well mention it while i am there. great...
  16. Pictures
    Ok they are not mine :D Unfortunately I got a call at 12am from my landlord last night with her in serious pain. Her husband has been in the hospital for the last few days and in and out of the hospital before that. She just got out of the hospital a couple days ago however last night she was...
  17. Obedience Training
    Today adds a bit to my mix. I walk around my couch and find Onyx humping his daytime bed. Now for the beginning...Onyx nipped my daughter and also some skin. All that was left was 3 small welts. Tina came to the scene and resolved it incorrectly. I was sent to the store when all this...
  18. Health & Nutrition
    Onyx will be 10 weeks May 18. i am feeding him natures variety instinct chicken meal. chart says to feed him 1-1.3 cups a day. about a 4 days ago i started to watch his food eaten vs. food given. left overs are worrying me. my mom is addicted to him and watches him during the day, and...
1-18 of 21 Results