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  1. Health & Nutrition
    I am not sure if this is normal behavior or not. I just adopted a pit from my local animal shelter. They told me he was about 10 months old. Sometimes when he is standing he will stretch his back leg out (not always one side or other) and curl his toes so the top of his foot is on the ground...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    i love my pit <3 and i got quite a scare when i came home from work tonight and see that he struggles to stand up. he was fine this morning and during the day my mom was at home and said he couldnt stand and just laid in his bed all day. the problem occurs with his 2 back legs. once i help him...
  3. General Discussion
    Hey there! I just recently got a blue pitbull puppy, he's 12 weeks old. I just got his ears cropped this past friday (9/24/10). I noticed the last couple days his left ear sometimes lays flat on his head. If he's just relaxing his ears stand straight up and look perfect. I understand I have to...
  4. Pictures
    Yup. He's a beast! Hahaha.. I love this dog dearly. He's the best companion anyone could ask for. Extremely protective of the house, loving/affectionate, very smart and obedient. What more could one ask for?! This dog is helping me lose weight too by walking him every day. :) I've taught him to...
  5. Pictures
    ...for only a few minutes! :( Ahh, I'm so anxious for his ears to go up already! I honestly have a stupid feeling that they won't end up ever standing up. I don't know why, but I just have that feeling. But eh, who knows. Here's Odin a few days ago. He's getting bigger every single day. Its...
  6. Health & Nutrition
    Hello, my dog got her ears cropped about a week ago. I go back to remove stitches on wednesday. One of her ears folds back. Will I need to tape? Because some people tell me that it goes back up as she grows. Here are the pics. Sometimes it lays flat back. If I do need to tape, what...
  7. General Discussion
    Please tell me what you think: Standing up for pit bulls - The Reporter
  8. General Discussion
    does anyone have detailed instructions and pictures for me to use as a guide? I'd like to have one up by this weekend :)
  9. Pictures
    atlas at 5 3/4 months
  10. Pictures
    Standing Tall watching the yard
  11. Pictures
    Ok here is my boy standing pretty & a few other's I took today 7 months & growing
  12. Pictures
    Sadie is 7 Months old & growing here are some pics I got of her today
  13. Pictures
    * Ok Mom, I stood still for the picts... can I have my Easter Eggs now!!!!???? Here birdie birdie birdie!!!! Are you bringing me Easter Eggs; I thought a bunny was supposed to come? I'm still waiting....I like mine sunny side up
  14. Positive Pitbull News
    [BSLWorkshop] KY- Standing Up for Our Rights *******PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CROSSPOST DOG-WORLD WIDE******** **** To all involved in the KY situation... ...... I apologize to everyone affected by this ordinance, I grieve for what the clubs are about to endure...... ...... BUT, WE CANNOT ALLOW...
1-14 of 16 Results