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  1. Pictures
    So earlier tonight Ammo came walking in all proud because he had....A QTIP. I said drop it! Which he did, we've got that down pretty well, but I didn't immediately get up because of what happened. He sat about a foot away from it and just stared at it. So I watched him and he would glance at me...
  2. General Discussion
    What does it mean when a dog doesnt like when you stare at him in the eyes? Dozer is 15mo. and really dislikes when people (men, not women) stare at him in his eyes for a period of time. Even with people he knows, he has NEVER been HA! but when a person (man) stares at him in his eyes he starts...
  3. Pictures
    This is Conan and Trinity staring me down. I got them to blink first :woof:
1-3 of 5 Results