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  1. Bullies 101
    I’m starting a yard and I have be raised around game but I’m ready to start myself what would be some good advice or places to read up on knowledge??
  2. pitbull behavior
    Hi, I have a 6 month old female pit who is scheduled to be spayed in two days. I have had her since she was 6 weeks old. I have a couple other dogs that I already had when I got her. Lately she has been trying to start fights with them and most of the time it's for no reason. She jumped on my...
  3. Pictures
    Rosie has always been amazing on the leash but just recently she's began to really pull. I want her to understand that pulling is not ok but I feel like I look awful walking In the park and constantly pulling her leash back when she pulls. Any tips? I added the pictures because I think she's...
  4. Pictures
    He's 6 months old now and starting to fill out. :) I think his head's already bigger than Dakota's... He got a surprise visit from his brother Harkin. "Give me the friggen ball!" His "smile" trick ;) Natsu dig? Never.
  5. Obedience Training
    So i just enrolled my puppy for dog school. It starts march 19th and at that time he will be 5 months old just wondering if that is a good age to start ? Some people are telling me to wait until hes a bit older
  6. Pictures
    Hi im 18 years old my names Nate and fairly new to this site but here is my ball of joy Blitz Just gonna start the whole photo journal growth timeline thing now Tell me what you guys think Thanks -Nate sorry for the bad quality pics our off my phone 8 weeks when i first got em [/URL][/IMG]...
  7. General Discussion
    i adopted a 3 year old deaf female 3 months ago. she and my roommates dog (a 25pound shepherd mix) got along fine and have been best friends. however this past week i've noticed my dog lunge and bark at him for different reasons..mostly because he would walk by her when she had a bone, or she's...
  8. Pictures
    Just wanted to start a thread to help me keep track of Gem's progress as she gets older and I get her in shape...Here are the starting out pictures I took of her chubby puppy butt while playing in the back yard today. Hopefully I will see an improvement after a while. EDIT: I reposted the...
  9. Obedience Training
    I was informed the trainer who we meet with tomorrow morning without Snow, may use prong collars as a method and I need feedback. I had a boxer who passed a couple m ok months ago that never had to use a prong on...Snow is 23 weeks old tomorrow and her main issues are jumping up on us, crazy ass...
  10. General Discussion
    My Wally had what appeared like a lump on his chest, I originally thought maybe it was his nipple just inflamed, it's gotten a little bigger and tonight I noticed a second one coming up where a nipple wouldn't be, about 2 inches to the up and right. He seems fine, I am going to make him an...
  11. Raw Foods
    So my first shipment of a barf diet from "hare today" will be coming in this week, I got 10 lbs of ground chicken, bones and organs, 10lbs of ground beef, bones and organs and 5 lbs of green tripe with spleen. I also picked up a pack of chicken drumsticks, liver and gizzards at wallmart...
  12. General Discussion
    I have recently became interested in American bandogge mastiffs after having strictly pits for a long time. I think bandogges are a growing breed and I would like to contribute to that. I want to start my own bloodline of bandogge. I currently have a blue male 50% cane corso 50% bully pitbull...
  13. Pictures
    Here's Bear at a little over a year old, he's around 120 pounds. A VERY big boy, he's built like a brick house and it's mostly in his head! He's finally looking like a Rottie and still has a lot of growing to do. His brain....still has a long way to go....if only that massive head of his held a...
  14. Weight Pulling
    So I've contacted a local kennel to help mentor me and Akasha on WP'ing and she's agreed to do it! I can't wait. I think Akasha will kick some butt at it!
  15. Weight Pulling
    First preparing chain One in the middle is 5.5Kg. The others are 11Kg.
  16. Health & Nutrition
    Hi All, I am new to the forum and had a question. I have a bullie that is 4 years old and in the last month or so ive noticed a she has a limp in one of her back legs that looks like it is progressively getting worse. Exspecially in the last week, so I plan on getting her to vet soon to be...
1-16 of 48 Results