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  1. Pictures
    Hey guys!! I took some updated pictures of Stella and just wanted to share with you guys. She will be 14 months old this month and love how she's turning out. She has been doing well in shows!! What do you guys think? Stella Now a few pictures of her playing fetch, girl has got some...
  2. Pictures
    Hey guys!!! Just wanted to share a few pictures of Stella. She just turned a year old on Thursday!! Haven't posted pictures of her on here before and thought this would be the perfect chance to show her off. All comments welcome, what do you guys think???? Stella
  3. Health & Nutrition
    do any of you give Dogswell treats and stella and chewy's to your dogs? Peanut gets the dogswell vitality and the stella and chewys chicken dinner as treats. just wondering if anyone else has used them. Peanut is nuts for them and they are good for him :)
  4. Pictures
    i havent posted in awhile and Stella is growing fast (like most pups). shes almost 6 months old now. Stella gettin bullied her Smile her Eye her Tongue her Ears she's gettin so tall!
  5. Pictures
    some quick ones of stella (almost 4 months old) hangin out on the deck. got my new camera yesterday. Nikon D700.
  6. Pictures
    im a photographer, and i took her to one of my clients photoshoots. got her on the black backdrop and one of her chillin outside. oh yea. and yesterday was her 3 month birthday!
  7. Pictures
    These pictures taken at 9 weeks old. i need to take some pictures of her now at 10 weeks
  8. Pictures
    7 Weeks old puppy eyes :P passed out! had too much to drink happy to be here!
  9. Pictures
    Here are some new pics of Stella.........She has become such a delightful part of the family. I can't help but wonder how she can love everyone sooooo much after all she has been through before we took her in!!!!:pup: Hope you enjoy!!
  10. Pictures
    patiently waiting I think I can get up there....... almost got it..... I GOT IT...
  11. Pictures
    Everyone meet Stella (the kids named her). We have had her for about a week and a half now. She comes to us as a rescue. She was apparently involved in a dogfighting ring as she is tatooed and has some war wounds, but please do not judge her by her appearance.... Someone fought her and I'm...
1-12 of 12 Results