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  1. pitbull behavior
    We have a 5-6 year old female pit rescue, Mia, who demonstrates extremely destructive behavior during thunderstorms. She begins her behavior at the first sign of bad weather, before the first raindrop even falls, and the sound of thunder sends her behavior into full blown destruction. To date...
  2. Bloodline Discussion
    anyone looking for or interested in Vera Storm bloodline?
  3. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I just thought I would share with y'all what last night/this morning brought to my neck of the woods. Googls Northern CA heavy rain for more on the storm if y'all want. When I looked outside I had to look twice, the street was a river. But then I saw the neighbors car and thought oh its not...
  4. History
    Anyone know anything about either of these kennels? Specifically does anyone have any pedigree info on Nephertitti, WildBlueStorm, or Azul from these kennels? Thanks in advance.
  5. Pictures
    These are a few pics of Storm with the family on a 4th of July cookout
  6. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    We just got hit with a thunderstorm and some hail. I just got done uploading vids and pix and wanted to share a few.
  7. General Discussion
    This is a video my cousin took the morning after the storm came through. Several of my cousins, uncles, good friends and fellow dogmen came out to help. This is only a couple miles from our house in Apison/Ooltewah/Ringgold area where a ef4 came through. Many of our friends lost their homes...
  8. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Mine doesnt even notice the thunder! I had a border collie who would go under or behind me during thunder. Redog - what did your dog do during this mini storm we just had??
  9. Pictures
    So, Zeus's paw is almost as big as my hand! Storm still doesn't want to stack, But shes getting better and better with agility! Rebel Got his ears cropped and is looking awsome! Now to get that other ear standing where it needs to be :) Xena is awsome! She loves to cuddle and hates being in the...
  10. Pictures
    We've been gone for so long, had a few problems at the end of last year and about 2 weeks ago with our dogs. Toricka had an eye infection and Storm almost took the tip of her tail off. Luckily it healed up and is trying to regrow the hair. They made a year old in January. Since this week has...
  11. BSL Discussion
    Crossposted from the BSL list: Hi folks, Just a reminder that we are about halfway through the main signature-gathering stage for our anti-BSL petition. The petition directs legislators in Texas to decline to propose or pass BSL during the next legislative session. Pro-BSL people have...
  12. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Anyone have one? I am looking to buy one on Ebay and I just wanted to hear what people thought of it. So if you have one please tell me what you think... BlackBerry - Storm 9530 Smartphone ? RIM Storm at BlackBerry.com
  13. Pictures
    shes been here so long I cant remember when she came to the shelter. this is one of the sweetest staffs Ive ever known. check out her bio Orphans of the Storm
  14. Pictures
    These were taken when she was 11-12 maybe 13 weeks old. Decided to steal my coat. check out the jammies! No more embawassin foto mommy Greatest thing ever to make her go to sleep! The Space Heater!! :D See I told you there were to many lol. BTW her nose is turning more red..it...
  15. General Discussion
    Hey all. It's been a minute since I was on. She will be 15 weeks tomorrow. She is coming along very nicely with her training/hand signals. She knows how to sit, come, paw, get down, and lay down. I am working on target training with her. I believe thats good progress since she was 10 weeks...
  16. General Discussion
    I dont let her play outside or in my backyard. So she has to play somewhere. Her favorite place is in my dads room. Let me say his room is somewhat a jungle. She goes crazy, she starts to get the zoomies and runs under the bed. Now get this...she turns on her back while under the bed and uses...
  17. Pictures
    Finally I'm able to load my pictures of Storm. Oh I decided not to go with Halo. My mom and I, decided to either name her Rogue or Storm..and we went with Storm. There are alot of pictures lol. *more are coming
1-19 of 21 Results