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  1. Ear crops
    I have been posting my pups ears for 2 weeks and his right ear is perfectly straight up but his left bends in a little over his head when he is at full attention. Should I just keep taping his left ear only? Should i put a brace/bridge between the two to hold straight? He is now 4 months old...
  2. General Discussion
    My bully has some really straight back legs...I've read this isn't very good for them...are there things I should avoid having him do like jumping for the flirt pole? Running too much? Here's a pic:
  3. Pictures
    So heres a little photo montage with whats been goins ons! So G, "the great googly moogly" has been growing along quite nicely, although he has been placed into the hands of a dear friend, because of my extended hiatus.. still see him, and he's happy so Im good. heres some of his past few...
  4. General Discussion
    Not sure if this is in the right place, so please feel free to move it if it's not; Barbara Kay This woman has some of the most ridiculous "facts" I have ever seen. The picture doesn't even have a pit bull in it!! The worst part is that people will read this garbage, and believe it...
  5. The Booth
    The Bully Booth with Bully the Kid 10/9pm CST and 7pm PST Straight stifles and high rears.... Is this what the American Bully is today? Should it be written into the standard? Tune in tonight at 10pm EST/9pm CST/7pm PST as Bully the Kid and Loudmouf discuss this issue. If you'd like to...
  6. Health & Nutrition
    I came home and the house smelled so bad. She threw up in her cage. I figured the toy I got her for Christmas she ate some of it and was throwing up because of that. Now this is day 3. What is weird is she only Threw up once yesterday and once today. She went to the bathroom and it was hard...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hey everybody, well its coming close to that time to crop my pups ears. What is a better look in your opinion.....the straight up pointy crop or the curved one?
  8. Pictures
    She is really starting to like the water but still enjoys sitting on the rocks and posing LOL!! Silly girl :)
  9. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    So I twisted my left ankle, bruised my left forearm from elbow to wrist, and bruised my right ankle, knee and shin pulling a ninja move while putting away groceries. How's that for WINNING? Just call me Grace
  10. Back to the Bullies
    The Bully Booth Hosted by Bully the Kid 10pm EST/ 7PM PST !!!!BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! Tonight it's going down, like Ray Allen jump shots!! The Booth is Back and tonight we are going in about charging owners of dogs with criminal offenses if their dog gets lose and attacks someone!! When is it ok...
  11. Bloodline Discussion
    Okay the title was just to grab your attention. Now I know about pedigrees defining the lineage of your dog, but what about the dogs that look exactly like their breed and people always say "who knows what you have theres no way to tell". I mean I understand where your coming from, but if it...
  12. Bloodline Discussion
    i have a quick question that needs to be answerd in a paper i am writing for my professor about american pitbulls and their history. this question goes into my poor breeding section. i want to know why people sell red noses and blue noses for a higher price when there is no reason they should do...
1-12 of 18 Results