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    So my friend was over today and she logged into her ebay account, to show me something she had won the other day. Well,stupid me forgot that she never logged out,so here I am on ebay,and I see something that ends in a few hours, that I want.....So I bid... It wasn't until I went to check the...
  2. General Discussion
    Seriously I can't believe the stupidity of some people. I took Dosia for a walk down to the store today. He always goes in and says hi to the girls and they give him treats. Well he was being a good boy sitting next to me in line and two guys walked up and then back off quickly. One of the girls...
  3. General Discussion
    PIT BULL CROSS CHIHUAHUA'S *TEA-CUP PITBULLS* - Vancouver Dogs & Puppies For Sale - Kijiji Vancouver LMAO will the insanity never end?
  4. General Discussion
    *Ever FEEL like we are losing the battle with stupidity? I was recently out of town visiting family and of course, talking about my beloved dogs. I began talking to a step-cousin about my dogs, he asked if they were "American". I let him know that Brutus was a mix and that since Loki doesn't...
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    Ok I play alot of Yahoo online spades and my name is american_pitbull13 ( I use the same name all over the net or american_pit13 ) ... Ok so quite often people ask me about pitbulls and I of course get alot of "dangerous" dog this and "Killer" dog that blah blah blah.. I also meet alot of good...
1-5 of 6 Results