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  1. General Discussion
    Well, having always had dogs who allowed me to trim their nails without problems, I was taking Cerena to the groomers for nail trims but was always disappointed that they never seemed to trim them short enough. After the discussion about Cerena's dewclaws and the encouragement and explanation...
  2. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    So a few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I got a kitten. I've been wanting a kitten for a few years, and we got this little guy for free, so it worked out perfectly. He's a sweetheart and has a lot of personality, and is hilarious to have around. When we brought him home, I knew my pitbull Bullet...
  3. Pictures
    Some new pics of the boys! Vegas is doing a lot better now. He had complications, but after that hurdle all is well now. He is getting better controlling his continence when he sleeps. I am confident he will make a full recovery. Is it just me? Or does he seem small for a 5.5 month old pup...
  4. Pictures
    Hey everyone.. I am looking for game style dog pictures from past and present, your dogs. I am wanting to make a video celebrating the original APBT. I would really love pics of your dogs in action, as the video is going to center mostly around how the dogs are still active and useful in...
  5. Conditioning
    Finally! My adult dogs have finally accepted the human treadmill and they will walk it!1 Yay!!! I am so happy! When it rains here, it goes for days or our backyard turns into the swamp. Now when I rotate one set of dogs outside, I can still work the dogs who are inside. YIPPEE!!!! I am...
  6. General Discussion
    Does anyone uses kongs with there dogs? and if so what do you put in it.
1-6 of 12 Results