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  1. Positive Pitbull News
    Rescued pit bull credited with saving 4-year-old suffering blood sugar crash | Fox News Rescued pit bull credited with saving 4-year-old suffering blood sugar crash Published October 08, 2013 FoxNews.com Less than a week after rescuing a pit bull that would have been put down, a Minnesota...
  2. Pictures
    What an amazing little girl she has proven to be! Here is a slideshow of Sugar's first two months in her "forever" home. We love the crap out of her! :woof: Sugar - YouTube
  3. General Discussion
    OK this has been a long time coming--- 3 years to be exact--- but the pilot for my Bossmandude's TV show on Animal Planet airs this Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 11pm EST on Animal Planet. Please tune in and show support for Bully the Kid this Saturday! It airs after Pit Bulls and Parolees...
  4. Health & Nutrition
    Talk about scary! This is my first puppy ever I have had him since 4 weeks he's now about 10 weeks old. He had a very active day and the last hour of his playing he was running wild, almost extra active than normal which is crazy because he is already a ball of energy. It was around the time...
  5. Health & Nutrition
    :( poor girl.... I'm starting to suspect that she has a chronic ear infection... but my husband says not to mess with it, let her body heal naturally.. we've had her since june(a rescue), i started noticing she had really strong smell on her so i checked her ears, her right ear was filled with...
  6. Obedience Training
    i cannot believe she just humped on me!!!!! what in the world??!! she's done that three times already!! but the first two times lasted only half a second, so i didn't quite recognize so i let it go, this time it was a full action!! oh my word!! how can i stop her from doing that???
  7. Health & Nutrition
    how's everyone doing? hmm...about a week ago i bathed Sugar and when I dried both of her ears she screamed, she's a tough girl, she never screams..but she did when i dried her ears... :( there was blood on the towel. so then I looked at both ears under light, the right one had A LOT of brown...
  8. Pictures
    sugar is about 11 yrs old now, helped with her birth lol was excited when i got her. and buster is about 15 or 16 months
  9. General Discussion
    Well sugar found a home with a good family were she can be the queen of the farm. I am happy with the people whom adopted her and just wanted to let every one know she is in a good home. I will miss that dog. But im going to keep intouch with her new family. :woof...
  10. General Discussion
    SadieBlues suggested I share Sugar's story A woman had her entire yard confiscated and she was a so-called rescue group. All the dogs were very thin and about 5 of them are walking skeletons. I get a call to go to animal services and see if I can foster a few. I go down expecting to see a few...
  11. General Discussion
    My two older pits, Sugar and Angel, do not eat very much. I try to keep them on a regular eating schedule, but at times they just refuse to eat... Is this common? Help me out.
  12. BSL Discussion
    Sugar Hill delays decision on pit bull ban By REBECCA McCARTHY The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Sugar Hill City Council tabled a proposal to ban pit bulls from public parks and government property in the city. The decision came at Monday night's work session, the "We basically decided to...
  13. BSL Discussion
    Sugar Hill Considers Pit Bull Ban POSTED: 7:40 am EST February 3, 2008 SUGAR HILL, Ga. -- The Sugar Hill City Council is considering banning pit bulls from public property. The ordinance would prohibit the dogs, including mixed breeds, from going to public parks or government property within...
  14. Pictures
  15. General Discussion
    this is sugar she is a ruckus blue daughter you can see more pics of our dogs at www.gottilinempk.com or if you are in the southern cali area we will have a booth with the rest of the GOTTILINE CREW at: San Diego Qualcom Stadium June 16th 2007 For more info www.bossupkennels.com...
  16. Positive Pitbull News
    Sugar Creek pit bull ban in effect By Andie Schmitt The Examiner Taking a cue from their neighbors, the Sugar Creek Board of Alderman has approved an ordinance to restrict and ban pit bulls. Police Chief Herb Soule said Sugar Creek felt the peer pressure to make the decision. "I...
1-18 of 18 Results