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    Here is my good boy. After this I adjusted his prong collar as it was still to big. Fits snug now.
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  3. Pictures
    is getting grey's!! He asked me not to show them here.
  4. Pictures
    I haven't posted any pics in a while of Sully, he was 2 on 10/1. I know his nails were long he hates when we cut them. So here he is.:)
  5. Pictures
    Havent posted any pics in a while so here is a few of Sully he will be 2 October 1st. Thanks for checking him out. :)
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    Thanks for lookin!
  7. Health & Nutrition
    Sully had his annual vet visit this past weekend and we found out he has lyme disease :(. I was not expecting it at all because he has been acting fine and we always treat with advantix. I guess there is severe and mild cases. We are treating him now with medication. I was reading a little on...
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    He likes to be wrapped up like a baby my son and sully are best buddies yay, presents
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    here's my paw and my pumpkin...I thought it came out cool.
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    Sully is 1 yr old today!! Thanks for checking him out.:)
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    Haven't posted any pics in a while...heres my boy Thanks for checking him out!
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    He grew so fast!! He is such a good boy. This stick is great! YUM Don't know whats hangin from his lip but he's still handsome
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    So my bubba lou turned 6 months on the 1st..here's some pics my favorite pic for some reason everytime we go for a walk out back he finds something to drag along and whines while he is carrying it, i think it's because he wants to bring it home. my son crusin on the 50 His legs look...
1-13 of 13 Results