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  1. Health & Nutrition
    Every early summer my 3 year old white Pitt gets these bumps on her hind quarters and neck area. I tried cortisone and some benadryl its not going away. Gonna take her to the vet. It only happens in early summer when she sheads. Anyone have any thoughts.
  2. Pictures
    Well I figured it's about due time for a little update on the crew. Things have been totally crazy here so I'm hoping it all will settle down soon. Pyra is now 5ish weeks off the pups and getting back in shape. I love her grit and determination. Tandie is also working on her summer body for the...
  3. General Discussion
    So I'm out of college for the summer.. and so happy for a break! I've been gone awhile ... I kno.. been overloaded all semester.. But I'm back for a bit. Things that have happened since I've been away: Transferred 3 of our Bullies over as UKC American Bullies instead of APBts.. I had nothing...
  4. Pictures
    We got some much needed yard work done yesterday, followed by some good yard time with the dogs. Here are a few randoms from yesterday: Spring polin' And fetchin' The pups were pooped
  5. General Discussion
    Woo hoo! It's summer and that means awesome weather and more time off… which means more time to spend with your dog. PetGuide.com has put together a list of cool summer activities that you can do with your dog. You can read the complete 7 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog This Summer...
  6. General Discussion
    When it comes to getting the goods on the best Dog Travel Tips, who better to go to than the Experts? PetGuide.com asked Amy Burkert from GoPetFriendly.com, who travels North America from coast to coast with her dogs, to give us some of her top dog travel tips. Read all of PetGuide.com's 8...
  7. Pictures
    Pictures of Cali n Bear enjoying their summer Bear isn't water crazy, he's water scared lol, this is his way of enjoying the weather LOL
  8. Pictures
    Lol I am bored....so thought I'd post some pics of my dogs in summer vs. winter lol. First up Alexa.... My Drake (lab/boxer) and last but not least Magnus...
  9. Pictures
    Another great day today. There was some pretty impressive dogs out there :) The GSD kept giving ups the flirty eye lol ;) she was so cute Happy happy Lab This little pit mix was so cute. Her name is Patches. :) There was even a wolf out there :) Just hanging out...
  10. Pictures
    I realize that Martin Scorsese can rest easy as I clearly am no competition... but I had fun dramatizing Veronica's date with her boyfriend yesterday: autobiographical, true story. :p
  11. Pictures
    Daisy is our water dog! She wasn't last year but maybe the Tennessee heat changed her mind: Rocky. He LOVES the water but I had the hose out and he hates the hose! They all get sunscreen on their noses and ears. They get burnt pretty easy. ..And some recent randoms: Hope everyone...
  12. Pictures
    just some pictures of my clowns,
1-12 of 53 Results