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  1. Pictures
    Thought you guys might get a kick out of seeing my spoiled, ill-behaved dog and her accomplice in crime - my own mother! :confused:
  2. Pictures
    AND KANE LOOKIN OH SO CHEEZY and for kicks here is a shot of dinner for the next week :) lol
  3. Pictures
    Begging to go outside...lol
  4. Pictures
    Just wanted to post these shots I took of Kangol today, chillaxing in his chair. Spoiled ass dog! Gosh I love him though. His poses never get old to me!
  5. Pictures
    Earl and I are getting pretty close to being ready for UCD. Our trainer Leri Hanson actually got excited watching our progress on Sunday off leash heeling! **Disclaimer: OK, yes, we had a very light long line attached for safety sake, but the overall teamwork is sharp, focused and with high...
  6. Pictures
    Here are a few pics from today... enjoy :D Phoenix Medusa Tonka Cali Tater Teardrop
  7. Pictures
    Its winter here so there a bit cold lol. Its been a while since I posted new pictures. Grace, Evo and oy pup Trish
  8. General Discussion
    I will be on the radio this Sunday talking about the APBT and dispelling the myths. Those that want to listen it will be on at 9am MTS, 11am EST, and 8am PST. You can listen live on the internet at this link News Radio 770 KKOB AM - Albuquerque, New Mexico NM For those that missed the last...
  9. Health & Nutrition
    i bought a male blue nose on sunday. He's 8wks, razors edge/gotti line ukc purple ribbon :). I bought a small bag of blue buffalo large breed puppy food but im not sure if he likes it or not. He takes a few bites then stops eating. I thought about switching him to science diet puppy food then as...
  10. Pictures
    This was taken 2 weeks ago, bbq at the house and of course doggy playtime.
  11. Pictures
    It was actually warm enough this weekend to get out and work with the dogs! Here is Gixer Ok Mom... Im done! :) Here is Pheonix Here is Miss Cali Cheerio Medusa Cheeio and Medusa Thanks for looking!
  12. Pictures
    Earl's training today with Leri went really good. Lori and Earl really worked hard today and by the end of the session it showed.
  13. Health & Nutrition
    i switched from science diet healthy development to blue buffalo wilderness chicken on my 7 month pitbull this past sunday. Seems like she really enjoys the food. Im going to do a 50/50 mixture for 7 days. Yesterday morning she had the runs but by nite time it was so so. This morning was more...
  14. Pictures
    It was pretty warm out and snow was melting so we took a walk :-) Getting ready to leave Did you say walk?! Check out the size difference lol Random rainbow lol
  15. Pictures
    Here's a few photos of my wife Lori working with Earl yesterday. It was great watching the two of them work with Leri because just over two weeks ago Lori was in the hospital with partial paralysis of her left leg. Shes making an unbelievably fast recovery. :woof:
1-15 of 32 Results