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  1. Pictures
    Its such a gorgeous day here in Florida, so I thought I could have a little photoshoot, take advantage of this sunshine. (Except its like 95 degrees out) These are my kids, Sebile, my little pit, is 6 months now, and the other one is Sooner, hes a lab/boxer mix, he's 2 years old this month! :)...
  2. Pictures
    So A few weeks ago we bought the dogs a kiddie pool. Well They won't get in it lol. So me being all fat and pregnant, I decided to take over the pool :) So here is some pictures of the whole family. Trevor was worried about me getting bit by mosquitos since I'm like seriously allergic lol So...
  3. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    So I just read an article about a city of the future. Someone is building an all GREEN city. It will be complete w its own solar power plant. Charging stations for electrical cars. And touts that cars will glide over roads w solar powered street lights. If I wasnt poor I would be packing my...
  4. Pictures
    So, I promised Bedlam some update pics of the pups, they are 7 mos. old tomorrow! These are the male and female that we kept Nia, 26lbs Tau, 31lbs and introducing our new little heavy bred Sixbits female, Boo and of course a few pics of Ms. Tutu getting some work in Stephanie
1-4 of 4 Results