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  1. Vendor Deals
    Have an aggressive chewer who destroys even the most durable toy just by looking at it? Your dogs are going to love the Super Chewer subscription box and so will you. I am always on the hunt for toys that my dogs won't destroy. Even though they are both medium-sized dogs, they're both lab mixes...
  2. General Discussion
    My neighbor freaks out every time I walk my pooch. My pooch is always on a leash. It is getting VERY frustrating She runs and scoops up her kids when I walk in front of her house ( on the side walk ) This morning she told me not to walk my pooch when her kids are in her front yard . If she...
  3. General Discussion
    This is nuts! I hope that this doesn't catch on with underground dog fighting rings... China raise fear of genetically engineered soldiers with hyper-muscular test-tube dogs | World | News | Express.co.uk
  4. Pit Bull Legal News
    Read more about the Top 10 Surprising Superfoods for Super Pets at PetGuide.com.
  5. General Discussion
    Hello, this is my first post so if this has been spoken about a million times i apologize. So boomer is a rescue, I've had him for about six months now. Great with people loves to play.....but. I've noticed recently on our walks he has become increasingly a tiny bit aggressive with SOME dogs...
  6. Events, Results & Photos
    We're headed to Sioux Falls next weekend (Sat-Sun Aug. 9-10) to jump with SRS again. If anyone wants to come watch dogs fly or just try it out themselves, stop by! It's a blast. We're also flying solo next weekend, so an extra set of hands is always much appreciated at the exit ramp, taking...
  7. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I just enrolled in online college for my vet tech degree! I'm so excited I could burst lol :p
  8. General Discussion
    Hello. My pit bull gets crazy when he sees a ball. He forgets everything after he sees a ball. Sometimes i might be playing basketball and he gets a hold of my ball but since the ball is so big, he cannot fit it in his mouth so he just runs around scraping his face and body sometimes. What...
  9. General Discussion
    My brother put a rope on a branch to swing on it. Hiro took a liking to it. Hiro and my mom's gremlin, Bria. Brave little shit. Tied a toy to it. Tiring down. Barking at my brother swinging. Hope you enjoyed. :) Sorry for the quality, they were all taken with...
  10. General Discussion
    Anyone use or heard of this super collar? It supposedly is a collar with an attached leash? I don't think I would use one just didn't know if anyone had any feed back on it? It looks like a retractable leash and I'm not a fan of those. Sent from Petguide.com Free App
1-10 of 67 Results