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    So my pit just got out of her 2nd heat cycle about 20 days ago, and I'm starting to think she's pregnant. Any advise as to how to prepare for the surprise puppies? Sent from Petguide.com Free App
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    So about 6 months ago we helped out a found dog by getting her vet care and all...she had heartworm and looked like she had mothered multiple litters...well hers a few pics and such. turns out she was actually pregnant...it never showed and not even the vet noticed it since we were so...
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    Lol! So I listed on my FB yesterday that i had a surprise to show everyone and here it is!!! Dorian got Prismacolored!!!! Dorian the Liver and Tan German Shepherd Time: 2 days Enjoy! :D
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    So I was enjoying my peace and quiet with no kids (two at school the other at gmas) had no tv on no stereo and was wrapping Christmas presents when my door bell rings. Of course I look through the hole first because I am not expecting anyone and I cant see diddly squat cause of my wreath. UGH...
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    These are pics of Duece's last day at my house. He finally warmed up to the backyard and was chasing bugs and birds. The shots from the car were taken on his way home; he was riding shotgun :) Then after I returned home that night, Kangol was so happy to have me all to his self. Duece left him...
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    A pleasant surprise. I was getting UKC registration papers together for my Lila. I had to contact her co-breeder to get the pedigree of the dam. I was surprised to see that she had a gang of CH's in her ped. 9 champs in 3 generations!....nice surprise.
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    I told you guys i had a surprise! Her name is Sative or Tiva. She'll be 6 weeks tomorrow. i know i know too young, but i didnt get her this young by choice. she's my brindle baby. As some may have noticed, i still dont have internet, ugh. lol. my computer finally got fixed, but we decided...
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    Staffy Lovin: Rabbi Gets a Suprise From A Special Guest Performer
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    So I decided to take Thor out to my daughter's soccer practice with us today. There was alot of overcast so it was nice and cool. He has never been on an outing except to go to the pet store or the vet. Well he was in the backseat with my daughter and he kept whining and grunting. We could not...
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    the start - the ten year old rose and webs... my sister and husband sprang for it and it was a total surprise. we touched up some of the webs after this pic was taken and i am going to be adding on to it in the near future. my kids initials are in the leaves :)
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    State proposal to allow dangerous-dog ban stirs debate A BILL TO BAN DANGEROUS BREEDS IS GOING THROUGH THE LEGISLATURE, BUT EXPERTS DISAGREE ON ITS NECESSITY By ROBERTO SANTIAGO [email protected] ld.com A new bill making its way through the Legislature that would allow cities to ban any...
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    well if you guys dont know i work in the aerospace field and build turbine and combusters for jet engines for multiple companys ( it doesn't pay as good as it sounds ). so im always working till 2 or 3 in the morning, except for last night. since i didnt have to work late i thought about going...