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  1. Pictures
    We've decided that Bullet will be allowed on one chair and one chair only, it's really old and he really enjoys it. lol Well, it's right next to the cat tree, and Bullet decided that he's going to be half cat and try to climb in the cat tree too! He has unbelievably good balance... and of...
  2. General Discussion
    So i've been talking to breeders in my area, i'm not looking to buy a new dog now but when i do i want an idea of what kennel i may want to go to. But every kennel has said something that turned me off big time "yeah but i dont think ill show any of my dogs i think they would attack the judge...
  3. General Discussion
    i swear this world is inhabited by morons!! i was taking onyx for a walk at a park trail. these three old woman were walking their dog OFF LEASH looked like a colie shepard mix well this dog cam running up to onyx pulled off his collar and started dragging him. i got ahold of the dog as it...
1-3 of 6 Results