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  1. General Discussion
    I know that many people on this site do not agree with takin pitbulls to the dog park, but I just wanted to share a story about what happened last week when we took Athena to the dog park. Last week we were at the dog park when a medium black dog hurt it's foot and started whining loudly to its...
  2. Obedience Training
    Where do I start? Dayzha is 9 months old, unspayed (she was scheduled to be spayed gov't shutdown had a ill effect on my household). She has turned into the most "unfriendly" dog almost over night. No one can walk past us now, dogs can't be within blocks of us or she goes OFF. She is without a...
  3. Pictures
    This is Kumi. She was going to be tossed into traffic because the "breeder" couldn't make any money on her. She was born with a bad front right limb. It was missing bones and was only a quarter of the length it should have been.
  4. Health & Nutrition
    So i adopted my pup chance from a rescue who found him and the rest of the litter on the side of a highway. Now he is 7months and is weighing 45lbs which seems like compaired to others iv seen on here. Also he is quite short kinda like a bully but body type of apbt. I dont realy know if hes at a...
  5. Pictures
    She took over my chair Then she took over my lap She was playing a little rough with my sisters 11year old APBT so we had to put her in puppy jail lol I think she was ready to go home And she slept like this the whole ride home Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  6. General Discussion
    This is my baby boy Smoke and my daughter Charlie as you can tell I love my nanny dog Next is Smoke busted having fun with toliet paper and Princess pretending she wasnt involved Then my favorite showing Smokey bear being a true male :)...
  7. Pictures
    Ok...so I need help posting pictures!!! lol
  8. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I need your prayers and good vibes for my kitty Cheetoh. I woke up this morning to feed him and he was on the floor unable to move, vomiting, shaking, it was bad. Since he has had issues in the past with UTIs and crystals, i felt his bladder. It was hard like a peach. It was blocked up. I...
  9. Health & Nutrition
    I feed my little girl a mixture of mashed yams, grated carrots, flax seed meal, parsley, ginger, cinnamon, and garlic, with multivitamins mixed in as well. She eats a small scoop after breakfast and dinner. Does anyone else feed their dog sweet potatoes? If so, how do you do it? What size...
  10. Pictures
    Spring is trying to make it's way in...Had a nice day, so tortured the dogs with the ole camera. Jackie is turning into a nice young lady, she'll be one year sometime around July. Oh and on the subject of how you will never know what your shelter dog will be, Jackie was originally called a...
  11. Pitbull Articles
    Hi guys, if my wife and I can be of any help in the promotion of new pitbull puppies for sale please contact us so we can help these new puppies find great homes!
  12. Adopt a Bulls
    posting for a friend's friend, its Portland Area :) here is what she says: Hey all, after much soul searching and hand wringing, I've come to the conclusion that it might be best for our dear Junebug to find a new home where she might get more attention than she does. I simply haven't got the...
  13. Pictures
    He was a rescue dog and they reckoned he was beagle and labrador, but we took him because of his fantastic personality. He loves being around us, is loyal, gentle, and obedient. On the flip side he hates cats with a passion, and sees other woodland creatures as snack time, but that's OK he...
  14. Pictures
    welp, here it is!! Some of you asked for more pix of my new pup, and i finally uploaded some!! she's so adorable, and i LOVE her, haha! only a lil bit over 15 weeks old!! :) is she not the cutest?!?!? hahah
  15. Pictures
    He wasnt in the mood for pictures...Still having trouble with those ears. Just about to GIVE UP! And he is missing some hair in some spots on his sides. Hope it grows back... Hunting a chicken next door. lol So tired of the camera and was making it known! Kicking a 2 liters butt. His...
1-15 of 47 Results