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  1. Pictures
    Well some one went swimming for the first time in a pool, after many attempts to lure him in the water with his toys and with treats he finally gave in and starting swimming himself! Now he just loves it and its a great low impact workout for him!
  2. General Discussion
    I took my dog to the beach last week for the frist time he liked it and liked the sand.he had his paws in the water so do they like the water. I don't know if I can trust him swimming he might swim away from me. It was the beach at the bay not really deep.
  3. General Discussion
    Diamond is 6 months old now and this is her 1st time swimming, with a great mentor. She loves the hose. She bites the stream, jumps for it, stands in it. Im so glad that she likes the water. I cant wait to swim with her in the pool and at the beach.
  4. Misc. Dog Activities
    Okay now that I got some free help from a local pit bull organization (not sure if I'm allowed to post the name or not) for Iggy's leash reactivity/DA issues, I'm ready for my next dog related project, swimming. Iggy will get into the pool with a lot of coaxing, but he doesn't seem to enjoy it...
  5. Pictures
    nice lil walk followed by a swim
  6. Pictures
    The kids took Bob out back and got him to swim! Hes a newb at it but he should get better as time goes on. Im excited cuz now we have something else to work on.
  7. The Family Room
    I found some great video's on youtube, I was thought how to swim like this when I was about 4 months. I was able to dive down and pick up rings before I could walk! I also went on to have a successful swim career and if I was smart I would have tried for the Olympics, that's ok I hope my son is...
  8. General Discussion
    warm weather is around the corner and i was just wondering if your dogs like to swim? Cairo loves baths, and doesnt mind the water, but i have never actually tried to get him to swim. How would i go about introducing him to the water and SWIM? And would this be a safe idea???? I know other...
  9. Pictures
    LOL...Never let any of my dogs actually get out there before...don't ask me why....but today we went fishing and Princess was dying to go PLAY with the ducks lmao...so she went on her 1st swimming trip...lol... I was LMAO...it was tooo cool... heres a couple of pics... thanks for looking...
  10. Conditioning
    anyone ever build one, i can get a 100 gallon horse trough at TSC for 70 bucks. thinking of buying one and building one. any suggestions would be appreciated
  11. Pictures
  12. Pictures
    We've been going to a park at least every other day this week that is perfect for the dogs when it is low tide. The small beach area is gated and always empty ( most people do not realize you can enter. We usually have the place to ourselves and let the dogs off leash. Anyhoo, there were ducks...
  13. Health & Nutrition
    Many dogs may benefit from swimming therapy, underwater treadmills, and other alternative type therapies like chiropractic , acupuncture etc. These things can be used for a large variety of issues; such as: HD, torn ACL, arthritis, extremely obese animals, amputees and more Consequently, while...
  14. Pictures
    i've been slacking!! took these the other day out at the rogue... my water babies, Mikayla and Boomer. once there in the water, thats it can you tell why we refer to Nytro as an otter :) or the annoying little brother and finally Boomer with his all time favorite toy we are still...
  15. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Last night at midnight, instead of Robot Chicken, Adult Swim put on some "adult themed programming" (porn). At first it seemed like a normal movie, that just had REALLY bad acting. Then they started to get down to business, and they had big black censor rectangles, as it progressed the...
  16. Pictures
    I went to Erie a couple weekends and took Ike with me :). This was his first time in a body of water larger than a bath tub :thumbsup:. He had no problem jumping in after his toy. But then he found out that the waves were"attacking" him. I think he lost that battle, there were just soooo...
  17. General Discussion
    its getting warmer which means more oportunities to go outside and exersize with onyx!! i plan on taking him hiking im sure he would LOVE it. he loves going anywhere new and loves to smell everything. he is also very athletic and loves to exersize as long as its fun for him as well. the only...
1-17 of 18 Results