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  1. General Discussion
    I ordered collars over a month ago, sent them an email wondering when they might be shipped about a week ago, and attempted to call them today. I got a busy signal. Just wondering if I should just ask PayPal t reimburse me and look elsewhere for collars.
  2. General Discussion
    Does anybody own one and what do u think about it?? Was thinkn bout getn my boy one wiy his name embroidered on it
  3. Pictures
    So I ordered 2 more harnesses 1 for Scorch and one for Crixus. Xena is using Bees as it is a bit small for Bee and Crixus but perfect for Neener. I tried the purple one on her tho as I want to get her one in that color. I will get videos when I can. Crixus Neener in Crixus' harness Scorch...
  4. Pictures
    Sara made us these gorgeous collars. :woof: Welcome to Tablerock APBTs and Harnesses! Xena Crixus Bumble Bee Faith
  5. General Discussion
    Hey everyone. Sorry we have not been on the board much, we have had a heavier than normal work load for this time of year. Because of this good buisiness it has allowed us a new addition. This is a big day for Tablerock Harnesses. We now have our own in house Ebroidery Machine. What this means...
  6. Pictures
    I can't say thanks enough to Ben and Sara from Tablerock Harnesses and Dog Supplies. Tablerock Harnesses and Dog Supplies As some of you know I was disabled for about a year and a half, and wasn't able to work. Well one day I was talking to Ben in the chatroom and I was telling him how I...
  7. Products / Services
    Designer License Plates that can be customized to your ideas! These license plates are a decal application on plastic plates. The options are endless! Price will be $8.00 each plus shipping and handling Price for optional aluminum plate is $10.00 each plus shipping and handling Here are two...
  8. Pictures
    Just bought a new collar for Red. This collar will be used as a tie out collar once I move to my new location I'll be moving Red to a chain space(chain setup pics below) Here are some pics of the collar its a 3ply 2" nylon collar. a few of red in his new collar Here is a picture of...
  9. Weight Pulling
    it was taken 10/27/09 on jaime's phone, and Ive been meaning to get it from there, but could only get a link.. I don't have Quicktime Pro so I couldnt save this as a file to put on youtube.... Alltel My Pics - thanks for watching!
  10. Products / Services
    Welcome to Tablerock APBTs and Harnesses! As a thank you to the gopitbull community and all my existing customers... Welcome to Tablerock APBTs and Harnesses! Sincerely, Ben and Sara Nally Tablerock Harnesses and Dog Accessories
  11. General Discussion
    Just wanted to let you guys know that enough people have talked Mrs Sara from Tablerockharness.com to come join our community! I'm stoked to see ya here! :clap::clap: Welcome Sara, make yourself at home. Welcome to gopitbull.com
1-11 of 12 Results