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  1. General Discussion
    Bert has started this new behavior where he barks when he hears the garage door open. My kids, two high schoolers, are home before me every day, so they let him out of his crate. As soon as I get out of the car I hear him. When I come in he prances around all happy and does this low growly type...
  2. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I dunno about what. :hammer: but im in the mood for a conversation and we need more active threads... soooo yeah. what's up?
  3. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    There has to be other fight fans out there. So where you at? Whos your favorite fighters? Are you a casual fan or die hard? I'll start this off with my opinion of the latest upset... silva f'ed up. His whole body was as extended back as far as possible. Neck out stretched and chin turned. If...
  4. Pictures
    AKA Brett. He is 2 years old and was bred by myself and my mentor. He is an amazing dog who never gives up and always has a smile! (see below) He championed in the AADR in November and made me VERY proud by taking two Best Males. He is 36 lbs. Pedigree: Virtualpedigree
  5. Villalobos Sanctuary
    VILLALOBOS SANCTUARY SPECIAL OFFER!!!! Who wants a special phone call from MANDO himself of Pitbulls and Parolees!!!! anyone donating $25 or more today to the cause below will get a call!!! message me (Nate Bywater) after your payment clears and ill have him call!!!!! PLEASE CROSS-POST!!! WE...
  6. Bullzeye Radio
    Tune in tonight to discuss recent events going on with villalobos rescue and discuss the newest episode. Welcoming 2012 from New Orleans and New Mexico 01/21 by Bullzeye Radio | Blog Talk Radio Tune in to discuss episodes of Animal Planet's top rated television show, Pit Bulls and Parolees...
  7. Pictures
    pic are a little pixulated, took them with my phone with crappy lighting. all this for a bubble wand on top of the girls swing set. i cant use a flirt pold due to my shoulder surgery, so the bubbles work just as well
  8. General Discussion
    I want my dogs to do this xD does anybody have dogs that can "talk"? If so, how did you teach them to do that? I know my hubby taught our cat Mika to say "brown" lol
  9. BSL Discussion
    Trevor this is awesome news, looks like that petition and all the letter and phone calls paid off bro. Hugs :D Vancouver calls off talk of ban on pit bulls City council instead eyes strengthening dangerous dog laws A ban on pit bulls is no longer on the table for the Vancouver City Council...
  10. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I just got this email from blog talk the only ones I signed up for were BTK's and Michelles shows but this one came through tonight and looking at the details its about bullys as well with some kennel people , wondering if this is related to BTK? is it a show they joined with? im confused lol...
  11. General Discussion
    Not that it matters much to me...but I am trying to figure out what color Daisy is. Shes like, almost black, but theres like a brown sheen to her coat. Is that seal? A google search of the color seems to bring up alot of blue dogs...from what I am reading theyre different right? Blue isnt...
  12. General Discussion
    Alright Lets talk about measurements! Heres all my dogs measurments. (Neck slightly over shoulder, Brestbone to last vertical rib, Brestbone over neck to last vertical rib, Brestbone thru legs to back of outside hind leg, Withers to base of tail, Withers to ground, Chest Width & Neck size)...
  13. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    theirs A time when being an american will make you cringe. for me,it's when I hear the truth and it's apparent,it's the truth. who will remember us?
1-13 of 40 Results