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    IDK if anyone is familiar with Renascence Bulldogges, but I read the list that make his dogs and it says the black and tan he got from sorrels PitBulls and I googled it and somewhere I read that the black and Tan in pits came from the black and Tan terrier and I googled the history of the APBT...
  2. General Discussion
    Hi- Just wondering if someone can tell me if my pup is a blue fawn pitbull or just tan? He was a rescue so I don't know about his parents but I'd like to try to get some info on him! Thanks
  3. General Discussion
    I had a half Rott half Pitbull girl who was the typical black and tan Rottie color except all of her tan points were brindle. I am going to look at a new puppy today that the owner says is a pure pit but it is the same color combo as the girl I had. The sire is a blue and the dam is a red...
  4. Pictures
    Okay, so I've been promising pix, and here they are! First up, we have Sparky, who was added to the family in March. My very own demon dog. A bit blurry, but still cute b/c he's giving me raspberries lol. Love this pic, too. FYI, his floppy ear is now fully erect! And, transitioning to...
  5. Pictures
    Max enjoyed chilling out on his runner today and soaking up the rays.
  6. History
    The three first breed are no longer living expect the black and tan terrier. Eventhough the first three still live on through their relative we must not forget about them. They are the reason we have a new wongerfull lineage of breed. Learn more about the breed to better the the breed. They did...
  7. General Discussion
    Here is our black and tan APBT named CUJO @ 9 weeks old today.:woof:
1-7 of 7 Results