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  1. General Discussion
    Tank is doing great, growing, playing and extremely active. Last Friday vet visit he weighed 6.7 lbs and was told he looked great and healthy. He did have a few hook worms but got 2 syringes of treatment. My question is, what is easy way to introduce a chew toy? He will chew on one with me...
  2. General Discussion
    4 weeks old 7 weeks old
  3. Pictures
    He loves going to work and getting lots of hugs after his bath!! Literally wants to be carried like a baby.. getting too big for this! And Tank with his new little sister Ekko the sleepy rottie Pretty boy Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  4. Pictures
    First is TANK and second is KUSH Miss them both........
  5. Pictures
  6. Pictures
    I've gotten into the bully game haha heres Tank heres Nino hes 3 months old
  7. Pictures
    i havent realy posted pics of tank other than 1 so i thought i sould ? i hope you like
  8. Pictures
    He's winking :) Tank's new boots and jacket! All toasty! My whole world!
  9. The Pitbull Lounge
    I entered Tank in a local pet contest here in our home town, not only is he the only Pit Bull so far but he's also the cutest dog ;) If he wins his face will be on bags of treats that a company here makes, so please help us promote a positive image and vote for him. Thanks so much heres the...
  10. Pictures
    Some recent pictures of my two babies :) Best thing in the world to come home to! Crazy ears and eyes in this! Tank being naughty My baby boy And my pretty girl The end
  11. Conditioning
    anyone ever build one, i can get a 100 gallon horse trough at TSC for 70 bucks. thinking of buying one and building one. any suggestions would be appreciated
  12. Pictures
    , ,
  13. Pictures
    Hey there, we are back! I hope everyone is doing ok. Everything is fine over here just a lil pic update! Thanks for looking
  14. Bloodline Discussion
    im looking for hybrid vigor out of this breeding
  15. Pictures
    This is Frank. He's a big love bug at almost 70lbs. He is our second foster and he is a great one. He does not care for the camera..lol. And he loves mud so please forgive his dirty face....
  16. Pictures
    Tank is almost 6 month now and berry is almost 9 weeks she like like a lil chihuahua besides tank but she will let him know who is the boss in the house lol thanks for looking Berry
  17. Pictures
    My pup is 11 weeks old now and gain 7 pounds in the lat 3 weeks so we are at 19 right now goodness say cheese Thanks for looking!!!!!
  18. Pictures
    He is already 9 weeks old goodness time just flys Should i cropp his ear or leave them? he sure is tired! Whom ever said cats and dogs dont go together hahahaha Thanks for lookin!!!!!
  19. Pictures
    here are some more recent photo's of my big boy
  20. Pictures
    these are some old pics of my boy tank
1-20 of 25 Results