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  1. General Discussion
    ok before you get all worked up let me explain ;) Tasha is 12 years old and is losing her hearing. I came home and called for her to wake up and go outside to go potty. Some guard dog she didn't even hear the baby and me come in! lol So she didn't hear me and I yell louder and louder and no...
  2. The Family Room
    Something I don't I guess. Tasha is a retired therapy and service dog of mine and was a medical alert dog. She is very in tune to my body to the point where she could tell me before I had a migraine or if something else was going on. When I got pregnant she was the first the know and sense the...
  3. General Discussion
    I was walking Tasha a while ago on our normal walk route that we have been walking twice a day for the past two years. All of a sudden we get to one corner house and she starts sticking her nose in the air as though she smells something so I am thinking there is a dog or something up ahead...
  4. General Discussion
    Looking at that link I posted in another thread where you have to identify the APBT got me to thinking....The Patterdale Terrier on that page looks like my Tasha as a pup. Wow!
  5. Bloodline Discussion
    I know it is impossible to know with any certainty whatsoever without papers but can any of you people that have been around this breed a long time give an educated guess of what Tasha may be? I know she was listed at the kennel here where we got her as a "Pit Bull mix" but what I notice about...
  6. Pictures
    Not sure if I posted this before or not, if I did my apologies as I am working a graveyard shift and the old brain is fried. :rofl: I took this picture last season when we were watching a Raider game. Tasha has that look on her face like, "Get me a damn beer and some chips you slacker!" :rofl:
  7. Pictures
    I filmed this a year or so back and thought it was funny. :) http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v207/MikeV/?action=view&current=2005_0101TashaZoomie0001.flv
  8. General Discussion
    While I was at work last night the idiot neighbors had another party and my wife told me that they started lighting loud fireworks in the evening and Tasha, who was sleeping on the couch next to my wife, jumped up and ran into the bathroom to which my wife thought she was just hiding behind the...
  9. Pictures
    These are within the first few months after we brought her home: These are more recent: Looking up at the Good Year blimp flying over: Watching a Raider game and telling me, "get me another beer and some more chips you slacker!"
  10. General Discussion
    Okay just wanted to give you all an update. Today Tasha left me. But she didnt go with my Uncle. My Grandparents called me and were very upset especially my grandmom. That I didnt ask her to take Tasha b/c things werent working out w/ her here. Well she said I'm on my way right now to get her...
1-10 of 10 Results