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  1. Pictures
    Well my baby boy recieved his Ace title in GA last month.. He's now a Ace/Star II.. My little man has been bringing home some serious hardware the past couple months.. Words can't explain how proud of him I am.. The old man can finally retire because there's no doubt that his boy is going to...
  2. Pictures
    here are a few pics of tater and tutu that i took monday.. been playing around when them and thought id share ;) Thanks for looking :D
  3. Pictures
    i took some pics of tater today.. normally i cant keep him still long enough to take pics playin in the leaves a little workout and i caught a few of Tonka playin with the girls thanks for looking!!!
  4. Pictures
    Sunday was Tater's first time on the track at 7 months old. It was only his third time being in a harness!! We are very proud of him!
  5. Pictures
    When we first got him he was 5 weeks old and the other pic he is 6 mo. old. They grow so fast!!!!
1-5 of 5 Results