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  1. Obedience Training
    As some of you may know, we have been keen to play fetch with Zik for a few months. We got a tennis ball launcher and we have been paying fetch for a few weeks. The only issue we have had is that he does not let go the ball once he gets it. We have to pull it out of his mouth and this defeats...
  2. Obedience Training
    Im having a real hard time teaching my pup to lie down he knows sit but he just wont lie down any tips please ?
  3. Obedience Training
    I was just wandering if anyone has any tips on how to teach a 6 month old puppy to stay?? He know sit lay down, shake and we been working on walking but he will not stay every time I start backing up he follows me any advice?? Sent from my iPhone using PG Free
  4. General Discussion
    I want my dogs to do this xD does anybody have dogs that can "talk"? If so, how did you teach them to do that? I know my hubby taught our cat Mika to say "brown" lol
  5. Obedience Training
    Siren is learning sent articles for utility for and we just started a few days ago. I will have to find a video of a dog doing it, it is going to be a lot of work but in the end worth it. I really want to get a UT title on her. If anyone is working on Obed titles and wants to learn let me know...
  6. The Family Room
    I found some great video's on youtube, I was thought how to swim like this when I was about 4 months. I was able to dive down and pick up rings before I could walk! I also went on to have a successful swim career and if I was smart I would have tried for the Olympics, that's ok I hope my son is...
  7. Agility
    I have volunteered to teach beginning agility for my local 4-H club this summer. I have some experience with it, but not a whole lot, but I thought it wouldn't be too difficult since I have quite a bit of training experience already. The 4-H club already owns agility equipment, so I'm good in...
  8. Obedience Training
    I've have an female 8lb Yorkie, shes very dominate and has always been a bit dog aggressive. But at 8lbs its a very containable problem. However in the last year I've moved in with my boyfriend and his 2year old pit bull. Lucy, the Yorkie, hates our neighbors poodles (sadly we share a fence) but...
  9. Obedience Training
    I heard that teaching your dog their commands in German is a more effective way of training them. Something about the way the german language is pronounced being easier for the dog to hear and comprehend the differences in the sounds quicker than they would learn softer, english words. Any...
  10. General Discussion
    I posted some videos last week of my foster dog Prince Charming. I've still been working with him and last night I took out a skateboard and he got on it. He even pushed himself along for several steps at a time. So, I took lots more videos of Prince and uploaded them. He is still looking for a...
  11. Obedience Training
    Well she sits, jumps, and gives paw. I want to teach her how to stay, come when I call her, stop growling when someone knocks, lay down, and roll over. Are there any techniques that you use that where effective to teaching your own dogs these tricks? I have treats to motivate her but she just...
  12. Obedience Training
    How do you teach a dog that rarely barks to speak?
  13. Pictures
    She is getting the hang of it. at 4 months every date on all my pics are wrong...obviously lol grr let me know
  14. Schutzhund
1-14 of 15 Results