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    I was absent from this forum for about a year, so I figured I would re-introduce my dogs. This is Terra. She's 5 years old and a big pain in my butt. UKC/ADBA Ch UWP URO1 CA Gravity's Digital Rain Matrix CGC TT SDC1 Here's a video of Terra lure coursing a few weeks ago. This is...
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    This is super-duper exciting to me. Terra lives segregated, and has for a while now. She used to run with my group of 3, but when relations disintegrated, she quit being allowed to hang with the others. Since then we moved and now she lives in a kennel environment that is pretty much 100%...
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    this is Rafiki my sisters cat
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    A friend with one of those insane cameras came over and shot some pics of lil' girl working out today. Call me biased, but I think this dog is so sexy. UWP Gravity's Digital Rain Matrix OFA aka Terra, aka Twiggy, aka Tinky Too and all kinds of other names.
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    This show was only in, like, April and I just got the pics just now. LOL! I love my special girl. Its nice to see the pics because I didn't get to be at this one. She took Judge's Choice and a 1st under Eddie Santiago. Then she took a 3rd under Chico Perez, but I don't have pics of that...
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    I'm only about 6 months later posting it up. LOL!
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    Some of you might know -- geez, I don't even remember if I posted about it on here -- that Terra got her UWP at the Red River Weight Pullers event over New Years. She did 1200-something pounds and like 28x her body weight for her last leg on her title. (She would have finished at the UKC...
1-7 of 7 Results