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  1. General Discussion
    hi i have a 7 month old pitbull whose is absolutely adorable.. besides a few training miscues my biggest grips is the fear he displays.. i dont know the reason for it. but any sudden moved,click,clack,bang,boom,drop,split,splat.etc sends him for the hills. im doin my best as far as exposing him...
  2. General Discussion
    hi, i have a 5 month old female pup. she is scared of everything. meaning poeple and other dogs. well not everything just those. i know everyone tells me to bring them around more poeple and dogs and that will help but i need to know exactly how to do that. becuase everytime i bring her around...
  3. Obedience Training
    my adult pit marie almost 2 goes LITTERALLY EVERYWHERE with me.she has even charmed the gas station attendant so she can come into the store and sit behind the counter and gets tons of treats from them and the patrons of the place. well the other night we were inside having a coffee and some...
  4. General Discussion
    well roxy is a great dog but is scared of everything. It got even worse today. I mad a springpole for her and she was curious about it jumped up and let it go and it bounced back a made a loud noise now she wont go near it. kinda upset me cuz i spent a while putting it together and now she wont...
1-4 of 5 Results