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    my friends come over all the time, they are here like every day. they have been bringing their Chihuahua over with them, they got him when he was 3 weeks because the mother died. they think just because he is small that its ok for him to be a terror. he is 8 weeks old now, they dont train him...
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    The terror twins just turned 2 on the 20th of October. Thought I'd share a recent pic of them with their sister, Sundee. Enjoy! :)
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    ^ She was such a little stinkpot in that last pic. Kane was playing with his stuffingless raccoon toy and she pranced up to him all coy and licked his face and stuff, and then grabbed it and tried to run away with it back into her Xpen, lol. It's probs 2-3 times as big as her AND the Xpen has a...
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    There is a new man on the yard and he is ready to fight his way to the top. He already took on the mighty Tank and had him running for his bed. Introducing the Rumblin, ground shakin, 1lb HEMI! Fear me! Oh yes you are scared now! lol Hemi got to come home tonight, YAY! He had officially...
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    Legend...ahem..put on a few pounds Gemyni-a tad bit too skinny
1-5 of 8 Results