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  1. Pictures
    Sara made us these gorgeous collars. :woof: Welcome to Tablerock APBTs and Harnesses! Xena Crixus Bumble Bee Faith
  2. Pictures
    About to leave in an hour to go pick up Lisa and Crixus from the Sacramento Airport! Crixus with Lisa at petsmart the other day with Lisa. Crixus waiting with Lisa to board this morning :D
  3. Pictures
    Thanks to Dan the girls got a cow hide for their spring pole! At first they wouldn't touch it lol. I think the fur made them feel it was an animal and they know that mouthing animals is not allowed around here lol. After about 20 mins of encouraging them to bite it they finally figured it out...
  4. The Pitbull Lounge
    How sweet! And the higher species:hammer:
  5. Pictures
    well, only if they lick you to death :) my friends girls lovin on the pups Oh no!!! a 18 month old in the mix!!
  6. General Discussion
    We have sent the following email to all news stations in our area, please crosspost and help get our Niala back!!! Today one of our adoptive families had their home broken into 2 days after adopting a 12 week old pit bull puppy from us. This happened in broad daylight and we are convinced...
1-6 of 6 Results