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    Meet my 3 year old rescue, Fritz [emoji177] I found him in a kill shelter in Arizona after I had found out that someone had donated $400 to pay for all the medical procedures and adoption fees for all of the bullys in the shelter as a Christmas donation. I rushed over and found this sweet pup...
  2. Pictures
    He's more BULL than you can shake a stick at! Taking a dump & looking for loooooooove! Let me know what you think of my boy Biggie Smalls, he is 10.5 Months old!
  3. The Pitbull Lounge
    So I have this friend I've known since middle school. He was my best friend in times of need when I got kicked out of my house @ 16 & was 'truely' there for me. He was also my ex best girl friends on again off again boyfriend & had a kid together but have nothing to do with one another aside...
  4. General Discussion
    A 9-month-old infant is in intensive care at a Seattle hospital after the Skagit County sheriff's office says she was attacked twice in two days by her grandmother's dog. Chief Criminal Deputy Will Reichardt says his office is recommending an assault charge be filed against the grandmother...
  5. Pictures
    I went back out to my sisters to start working with Obi -One on his obedience and got a few quick pics of him with Bumble Bee.. She was helping train lol. My nephew kept trying to pull them up lol.. So they got stretchy necks in these. Also thought some of you may be interested to see the...
1-5 of 6 Results