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  1. General Discussion
    Does anyone else on this forum have a working Pit Bull? Working dogs being service dogs, therapy dogs, police dogs, hunting dogs, guard dogs, herding dogs, etc. I'd like to see pics and tell me what job your dog does. Here's my service Pit, Diamond, wearing her gear.
  2. Pictures
    I saw where someone made a thread to add photos of their animals so they did't have to create multiple threads...genius! Mac sitting pretty on the way to the vet. 27.2 lbs. of pure love. Waiting on the Vet. The vet is hard work! 10 weeks old paw v. 13 week paw Destruct-o-Puppy How is...
  3. Pictures
    Hello Hello...so this will be my official Drogo pic thread. Will update pics from time to time. He is 10 weeks now, which means in 6 weeks he comes home from The Netherlands! Pic breeder sent me today...
  4. Pictures
    So I saw a similar thread on another forum and I figured I could start one here since I didn't see any when searching. This is for those single or quick shots we take of our dogs. Share away! :)
  5. Pictures
    So i figured instead of making new threads every time i'm bored or bruno does something, i'll just do what most people do and have his own progress thread. This is Bruno, he was born December 15th, 2013 and we got him at 7 weeks old on super bowl Sunday. about 6 weeks Then i lose track on...
  6. Pictures
    7 1/2 weeks when I first got him 8 weeks 9weeks 10 weeks 11 weeks 12 weeks 13 weeks 14 weeks
  7. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Had a good idea to start a "guess this movie" thread.. When you guess.. ask a new one also :) SO.. what movie is this from? "This is the suck-cut, as you can see, it sucks, as it cuts!" "Well it certainly does suck!"
  8. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    This seems to be a big hit on other forums. Feel free to come post your everyday rants here. Vent, get it out, rant away! :curse:
  9. Pictures
    Pictures of Apollo month by month 2mths 3mths 4mth 5mths 6mths 7mths 8mths (started working out)
  10. Pictures
    Hi everyone! :) I'm extremely new to the community so I'm not sure if anyone has done this before, but I'd like to make this a single thread for pictures of your dogs while they're upside down. I just wanna bring smiles to everyone's faces :) I'll start it off with a picture of my dog, Abby! :)...
  11. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Lets have a car thread. Post pics of your car or cars you wish you had!
  12. Pictures
    Hey peeps, I'm not sure if we already have a thread on this....but I figured it may be nice to see where everyone's pups came from! This way we can possibly see the similarities and differences from the dam and sire to the offspring :doggy: Given a large amount of members may not have photos...
1-12 of 183 Results