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  1. Ear crops
    I am going to get Reds ears cropped on Thursday,I found a vet that has done thousands and is very reputable. so I am at ease a little I just want to know what to expect, I know hes gonna look great though His daddy
  2. Health & Nutrition
    So after Loki's last round of vaccines he developed a lump on his back above his left hip. I could have sworn that it developed in the same spot as the vaccines but who knows... Regardless, he is having it removed and biopsied on Thursday. It's most likely just a lipoma (benign fatty tumor) but...
  3. General Discussion
    My boy Chase @ 3 months going in for his short crop this Thursday!
  4. Health & Nutrition
    hey guys....im getting really bent outta shape about this and so is my mother but we do need to do this. I cant stand the fact of leaving her at the doctor by herself for a day and im really nervous. Anyway what should be expected when she comes home? Me and my parents have only went through...
  5. The Booth
    There is no Bully Booth tonight; however, tune in on Thursday October 14, 2010 to Ms. Chavez's Back to the Bullies for a Special Edition Bully Booth with Bully the Kid. More info and links to follow.... The Bully Booth/Back to the Bullies 10/14/2010 @ 10/7 pst